Christianity's purpose is to not control other people but to better your own life

Spreading and enforcing the word of God is far less important than ACTING on it. Otherwise it's just words

Childhood photos Embarassing or Aww?

Well most of the time
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Do you like to wear your hair up or down more?

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Sometimes I wear it up usually for cheer but

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its mostly down

Hey I use XD -pout-

body inflation is the best fetish, amirite?

I can't believe it its so weird especially if they pop breasts.

Would you rather see two men with guns in their hands...or two men holding hands....

holding hands :)

body inflation is the best fetish, amirite?

Besides everyone knows the best fetish is
Cheerleader fetish!
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Actually come to think of it we're the victims of a lot of fetishes. we're vored, we're chopped up, we're tied up, we're spanked, it just doesn't seem fair

body inflation is the best fetish, amirite?
TomboyJanet's Ode to Intergalactic Beings

You spelled beneath wrong but that's a cute andorian :) Maybe she'll join my squad?

What makes a person worthy of your respect?

I am not able to answer that since I just got here

Could you be party to an assisted suicide ?

My pom poms can be quite dangerous to ticklish people :)

Have You Ever Taken Dance Lessons?

YEs I have :) when I was a little kid and again in Middle school