Is there a stigma against people who wish to remain politically neutral?

I tried to get into it but everyone was just really mean and angry all the time and It got really uncomfortable having any conversations about it. In other words there is no sportsmanship

Christianity's purpose is to not control other people but to better your own life

Spreading and enforcing the word of God is far less important than ACTING on it. Otherwise it's just words

Would you post a selfie of yourself RIGHT NOW? (without fixing yourself up etc)

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;) I know I cheated

TomboyJanet's Ode to Intergalactic Beings

You spelled beneath wrong but that's a cute andorian :) Maybe she'll join my squad?

Childhood photos Embarassing or Aww?

Well most of the time
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Do you like to wear your hair up or down more?

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Sometimes I wear it up usually for cheer but

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its mostly down

Hey I use XD -pout-

Could you be party to an assisted suicide ?
body inflation is the best fetish, amirite?

I can't believe it its so weird especially if they pop breasts.

Yes It does!!! Especially when told to girls!

Would you rather see two men with guns in their hands...or two men holding hands....

holding hands :)

What stereotypes have people tried to impose on you?

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People think that because I'm a cheerleader I'm stupid. I think its terrible to judge me just because I enjoy certain activities. At least I get exercise, and enjoy what I do.

body inflation is the best fetish, amirite?
What makes a person worthy of your respect?