About me.

i am from Orange County in California. And yes, i AM a true California Gurl! :D, but no, i don't live next door to a celebrity. i am the biggest procrastinator you'll ever meet. i love to talk and when i have caffene in my system, i usually never stop. im terrified of earthquakes and i hate bugs and creepy crawlies. i love chick flicks and romance movies. i hate when people curse around me or talk about dirty things, but ill always laugh at "thats what she said" jokes and make them very often. I'm opinionated and super silly. My family refers to me as the grouchy ladybug, I am an honors student and I love math and science and aspire to being a NICU doctor someday. If u don’t know what that is, google it because google has an answer for everything.
i love the following:
-JESUS!!; jack johnson music, neon colors,perfect spelling, everything French, texting:10,000 a month baby!!, the color pink, German ppl, Rain!, baking yummy things, i LOVE hugs, volunteering, BOYS :D, tall boys, OREOS FTW!!, helping others, being a girl, talking, debating, meeting new people, anyone who can make me smile, laughter, letting loose and just having fun, cape cod, being naturally tan year round, accents, juice boxes, cheering others up, people who act like themselves no matter who they're with, idividualism, STARBUCKS!!!!, My family, my life (i wouldn't change it for anything), my friends
and i love kateisme, she is amazing! like my big sista
and baconisgoodforme is my new bff!!
and BradleyHumble is amazing!