About me.

Hello stalker. You were probably brought to this page due to a slowly rising interest in me after reading one of my witty posts, brilliant commentaries and observations, or like the other 90% of people here, you’ve read all the homepage posts, all the comments, and now you’re just fucking bored.

My name is Alreem (strange name right?) It’s an Arabic name for a certain breed of white gazelle, in case you were wondering (http://ctrlv.in/35279). The proper Arabic pronunciation would be “Er-reem”, but most people say it how they read it “Al reem”. I also go by “Ally”, “That Sexy Bitch Over There”, or “God It’s Her Again Doesn’t She Know Nobody Likes Her”. Take your pick. Hopefully the second option, with a non-compulsory hello smilie at the end. You can also replace that ‘non-compulsory’ with ‘it-better-fucking-be-there’.

I know according to this I’ve only been here since September 6th, but I’ve actually been on this site since June. Still not very long ago, but at least I finally came around to making an account, amirite?

You’re probably waiting for something funny and interesting to read, and I’m just going to let you down. As you’ve probably concluded by now, I’m pretty boring, easily amused, and rant for way too long. But seeing that you made it down this far, how about some more useless information you’ll probably forget?

  • I’m of the female category. I’m from Bahrain (if you know where it is without having to google it, you get a cookie.) I speak three languages; Arabic, English, and self taught German. This is how you write my name in Arabic: http://ctrlv.in/39910
  • Some of my pastimes include graphic designing, reading, watching anime, listening to music, and writing. Yes, I am a Harry Potter nerd. I could go on and on about it too so don’t start me. I can also go on and on about music, but I’ll save you the time and not list my favorite artists since you really don’t care. I love reading fanfiction. Know any good fanfics? Message me and I’ll love you always.
  • Although I don’t think it’s anybody’s concern, I’m Muslim. I don’t think religion and science are enemies. On the contrary, I think the more you learn about the universe and life, the more it proves to us that God does exist.
  • I support gay rights, although I’m currently at a conflict over my opinion on the morality of homosexuality. However, I’m not going to try to stop people from loving each other or getting married. What happens in your bed doesn't concern me, nor will it change my opinion of you.
  • If I say something overly stupid, please forgive me. My brain does not function properly at times.
  • If you managed to read all the way here without skipping, then you should reward yourself. And probably get off the computer and go outside.