Hey folks, have everyone forgotten that THREE PEOPLE died last Saturday?

It fills me with wonder how so many can be so wrong and still say they are fighting the good fight. look I think that the kkk (lower case with as much disrespect as I can) and the other groups like them should be treated like they don't even exist. but please look back in history. the very first thing that the fascists did was remove the statues and the books that they did not like then they rewrote the history books. the didn't allow people with ideals that they did not agree with to speak they shut them up with force if necessary and said they were the bad people. and we all know what happened next. please stop and take a breath President Trump is not the one who is acting like a fascist here we the people are.

Hey folks, have everyone forgotten that THREE PEOPLE died last Saturday?
@dru18 Where's your proof, that they rewrote history? Those statues are not being destroyed, but moved to museums.

The Nazi's burned books in the street they removed all traces of any former regimes and then told the people that if they didn't agree that they would be incarcerated or killed them of course the latter was in the end. the fascist told them that if you spoke out against the doctrine that made you the enemy. have you been to a collage campus in the US lately safe spaces violence against anybody who wants to speak with a conservative view. what I am trying to say is that if you are going to call out people as fascists then maybe you should look at both sides just like President Trump said. There are bad on both sides

I am tired of the lies

If you like your health plan you can keep it, We need to pass it to find out whats in it, I'm gonna make America great again, this heath care plans is gonna be better then the other one. Vic I hear you

38 years with my wife and going strong. feeling a little sorry for all of you who say you will never get married. to me family is the most important part of life.

Men and women both have nipples. What makes seeing a female's nipple so much worse than it's male counterpart?

if you guys can't see the difference I can't help you but I say free the ta-ta's

New York teachers can't...
@Cezar Many have studied IQ and culture around the world. They come to the same conclusions...

OMG Cezar are you just stirring the pot or are you seriously saying that you buy into this tripe. this guys is as racist as they come and for anybody to even suggest that there is some genetic connection in this is unbelievable. these people mad me sick back then and to here this tripe over again only give me hope because of how far we have come since then. so if you are not kidding about this then maybe you should look into your own genetic make up and recognize the flaws.

ESP is everywhere. Just think how powerful we would be if we could focus and harness it.

First of all science is just the best guess we have given the information we have available at that time. to many things have happened to me for me just dismiss to possibility that ESP is real. whatever you want to call it. I have walk into a place I know I have never been before and knew where everything was I had seen it before, I don't know how I just know. When someone that I am close to is in pain either physical or mental I almost always know. Yes there are some things we don’t understand, but say they don’t exist just because we can’t explain them is silly.

What are your beliefs about life after death?
@AndySiner That with how astoundingly weird and irrational some of the things we have found out about how the world and our...

You could compare our knowledge to a single grain of sand on a beach and that grain of sand would be more than we know. With our limited vision and hearing to think that we have an understanding of what any of this is, is arrogant. You say there's insufficient reason to justify assuming that there is any. I say there's insufficient reason to justify assuming that there isn’t.


We are all prostitutes to something most of us to our jobs. You agree to do x for a certain amount of money. What make yours or my profession any different? I would never for any amount of money be a RN or and EMT. But I am a control operator at a power plant and I will tell you this if I didn’t get paid I wouldn’t be there. An RN runs a much higher risk of getting something from their job. Hey just my opinion never understood the big deal about it as long as both parties are free to choose.

It's called the American Dream since most have to be asleep to realize it.

the American dream is what ever you want it to be. Some people think it is a little house near the beach some want the big house in the hills. the point is it is your dream if you think that there is only one American dream then you don't get it. do you really want what someone tells you is your dream or do you want to make your own dreams come true. Goerge Carlin was living his dream and you are as free as you believe you are. don't let the news dictate how yo live your life just live it.

The Liberal Agenda is Working, AGAIN. Everytime the conservatives take office the economy goes to hell. According to the World Economic Forum, the USA is approaching "full" employment meaning anyone seeking a job can find at least part-time work. Next step - a living wage to get working people off welfare.
@daveatxxx The Reagan economic revolution brought about a long and sustained period of economic growth that saw high...

I tend to agree with what you have to say and Ronny was one of my favorite but there were also some things that did not work out as expected. He was the one who started the 401 K program and that was the end of the private sector retirement plans. he was really big on deregulation as am I but this trend lead to companies not offering training programs anymore. and most of the present corporate laws that sent so much of our jobs over seas were formed on his watch. and It make me ill every time I think about Bill Clinton taking credit for all that he did right.

Let's talk about ex-con vets. They served our country in the military, and later committed a crime. They served for that too, now they are out of prison. They paid their debt to society. Should we kick them out of the country?

Not sure where you are going with this one Viczinc? Need a little more back ground. if you are suggesting that if you commit a crime you should be kick out of the country then no. if your saying because they are veterans that they have already committed crime and the one they did jail time for is like a third strike then I still have to say no as long as they are U.S.citizens and did their time then they should be allowed to get on with their lives. Like I said not sure where you going with this one?

When are the politicians and the media going to tell the truth about the corporate and business tax any tax on business is a tax on us?

Hey VicZinc I know we have to agree to disagree on this one, but I will always believe that I know how to spend my money better than someone in government. It’s easy to spend money you didn't earn and they always want more.

what is hate speech?

Ok but who gets to decided what is derogatory or nasty or evil like I said my grannddaughter would consider the word sh** nasty. and my wife considers the use of Gods name in vane evil. so who gets to decide.