There's no "I" in "denial", amirite?
I have a long distance relationship with this girl named Delilah. She is living in New York because we're going through hard times and I'm not getting any jobs with my guitar playing skills in my band. I want to sing her a song telling her everything's going to be ok. What should I sing? I'm thinking Baby by Justin Beiber, amirite?

But don't forget, they have planes and trains and cars.

Whenever somebody says something about a number, you always count, just in case you can correct them. For example, this post has twenty-six words, amirite?
@opie does the amirite at the end count as the 26th?

I counted the amirite? and I still got 25. Have I lost my ability to count...?

Voldemort would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those meddling kids, amirite?

Scooby-dooby-doo, where are you...

Facial hair is like periods for guys, amirite?

Some guys look cute with a bit of stubble though. Never met a girl that looks cute with a stain on the back of her pants.

You know how awkward it would be to have braille shirts for blind people? "Oh, you're wearing an aeropostale today? What's this lump on your sh-- ... oh... oh, gosh. I'm sorry" amirite?
@track_star (:)): Not really, you're dumb :)

What was so dumb about that? It was a reasonable guess, what does POTH stand for then? Post of the hell??

It's strange to think that we may have witnessed someone's most embarrassing moment and don't even remember, and yet we still think so much about our own, amirite?

If it makes you feel better, I'm in academic bowl too (are you talking about quizbowl specifically? It sounds as such from the whole choosing a category thing) and my friend once said the currency in Ireland was the dublin.

There is no English accent, that's just the sound that is made when words are pronounced properly, amirite?
Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first. amirite?
When a woman dresses like a slut and gets raped, she should at least share part of the blame. Amirite?
@Smokydogy women can dress how they want but they shouldnt dress half naked or like you said "like sluts" because there are...

People are NEVER to blame for getting raped, no matter what their actions. True, there are ways to protect yourself from rape, but you cannot be blamed if you do get raped, because rape is a decision made ONLY by the rapist. There's no such thing as "asking" for rape. I agree with you that showy clothing is meant to promote sexuality, but it's still not the person's fault that the rapist acted on their urges. That's like a fat person saying it's the food's fault they ate it cause it was so irresistibly delicious. Also, mentally insane people are not held accountable the same way sane people are; that's why there's insanity pleas in court.

You know how awkward it would be to have braille shirts for blind people? "Oh, you're wearing an aeropostale today? What's this lump on your sh-- ... oh... oh, gosh. I'm sorry" amirite?
@track_star Stfu.

......Anyone wanna tell me what this girl's problem is? Is it just a typo and she doesn't want to admit it?

It's weird how people complain that seat belt laws take away their personal freedom, it's like, you know what else takes away personal freedom? Dying. Amirite?
"I'm smart; you're dumb; I'm big, you're little; I'm right, you're wrong, and there's nothing you can do about it." "'cept glue your hat to your head, go all paranormal activity on my principals house, beat her with chalkboard erasers, get adopted by my grade 1 teacher and live happily ever after" "..." "thats what I thought", amirite?

Sorry, I probably seem like I live under a rock... But I prefer books over movies, and I refuse to watch most movie adaptations of books, so yeah, that's my reason.

In a healthy human body, when one cell becomes infected or mutated, it will signal other cells to destroy it to ensure it doesn't spread. This is because the survival the the human body as a whole is more important than the survival of one cell. Humanity could learn a vital lesson from this, amirite?

....Was anybody else thinking about this in terms of a zombie apocalypse?

You hate it when your frindle runs out of ink, amirite?

A frindle is a pen.