Monsters Inc. Monsters only target kids rich enough to have their own room and closets, amirite?

Trailer, Camp cabin, they have a bunk bed "scare" in one of the training montages, see 2 beds in a room a few times when they running/climbing through doors. My guess is they use doors that are safe for them more often with the belief that humans are toxic, and doors that bring in the most screams.

It's truly a wonder that growing pains aren't more painful. amirite?
@KilljoyX Right? It's weird.

Yeah it's like they only suck when you're a kid and when you're a kid pain seems so much worse

Most Vlogs are awful, amirite?
@Larny2019 Most people aren't very interesting in general. Make sense most vlog aren't.

Not interesting enough to watch them go about their day, at the very least.

Mystery Shopper is an evil job, It should be illegal. amirite?
The Witcher books aren't good, amirite?

this is like hunter x hunter the anime very good but when you go to read manga It is very boring and full of dialogues that are difficult to understand

The discrepancy in women's dating preferences vs men's is pretty simple. Women have a finite amount of eggs, while men have trillions of seed to fertilize. Evolution 101, amirite?

Please google "evo psych" son you can learn about what you're talking about.

Being an 'introvert' doesn't mean you're shy, amirite?

Yeah, I'm an introvert, I have great social skills, I have lots of friends and actually like socializing, it just that at the end of the day I REALLY need some alone time, pretty simple

It's not all doom and gloom if a young couple has a kid early in life, and shouldn't be seen that way, amirite?
@mattyh2433 As someone who had my first child at 40, I actually think it is smarter to have kids in your mid 20s. When you have...

I was considering this too. My dad had me at 40 and there's no way I want to wait that long, but it may have to be that way in this economy.

The scream in your head will never be out of breath, amirite?
The annoying thing about being high iq is constantly having profound ideas but no one to share them with because most people don't understand, amirite?

''The annoying thing about being high iq is constantly having profound ideas but no one to share them with because most people don't understand''

Spoken like an idiot with no actual understanding of how being ''high iq'' works.

Your body has very poor cable management inside, amirite?

Considering your intestines are miles long, I'd argue your body actually has some pretty incredible cable management.

Emotional abuse can often be far worse then physical abuse, amirite?

This is true, mental tortue works more effectively than physical tortue.

The reason we are surprised by science experiments is that we aren't used to math applying in real life, amirite?

I use maths all the time and some science still surprises me.

Using "National" within a league title if you have teams from Canada is silly. amirite?

The NHL originally only had Canadian teams

There are people who died from a heart attack due to a nightmare but cannot be identified, amirite?

But... if we can't identify them, how can we be certain they exist?