being lazy isn't a bad thing, amirite?

I'd support laziness but I'm too lazy to support it

Watered down juice is tastier than full opacity juice, amirite?

I agree with this lmao. I'm the same with soda.

The attitude of "we had it tough therefore so should you" is more damaging to social progress than any other agenda, amirite?
@Achilles982 Whatever happened to 'I don't want my kids to suffer like I did'?

They got bitter because the kids we're not grateful and also because those kids decided that was bs.

We produce too many raisins as a country, amirite?
@teknogreek No it gets tough. You are missing about how food they give is nearly expired

The date on a box of raisins is not an expiration date. It's a "best by" date. They'll last years past that date.

I Enjoy Unpopped Popcorn, amirite?

What are you ?

Can you show us your teeth? p.s. please don't

Cigarettes should be banned outright. No exceptions. amirite?

Let's ban fast food and alcohol too since the bar is number of deaths.

Saying a band needs to retire is one of the most respectful things someone can say, amirite?
@lazar94 Rock N' Roll Never dies though.

Not saying it does, it will always be here. However, the classic bands won't whether we want to accept that or not.

Saying a band needs to retire is one of the most respectful things someone can say, amirite?
Whistling while you work annoys more people than it cheers up, amirite?
@404ChompyNotFound Honestly humming isn't as bad as a high pitch sound that much of the population doesn't know how to do properly...

My dad whistles all the time at an unbelievably high volume. Would be impressive if he weren't tone deaf

Beaches and islands are boring AF, amirite?
@Vic8760 I live in Santa Monica. You tell me.

Get away from commercialized beaches. You're complaining about all beaches and using some trash tourist overcrowded area as the reasoning.

if your poor and choose to plant grass in your yard, you are dumb. amirite?

If you confuse "your" with "you're", "bolder" for "boulder" , "its" for "it's", or think rocks are better plants, you probably shouldn't be casting stones from your glass house.

Wearing Glasses for fashion is kinda ableist imo. amirite?
@lazar94 What, in your opinion, is my outlook on life? What, in your opinion, should my outlook on life be?

It's such a minor thing that if you find it offensive you should hop of your cross, disassemble it and build a bridge. It literally ain't offensive in any way possible and the fact you think it is means you are weak minded

We sent a man to the moon before we started putting wheels on our luggage, amirite?

People weren't as lazy back then. They carried their luggage.

Just kidding. Wheels were on luggage long before space flight. I have a steamer trunk made in the mid 1800's with wheels built in.

Using "National" within a league title if you have teams from Canada is silly. amirite?

The NHL originally only had Canadian teams

Emotional abuse can often be far worse then physical abuse, amirite?

This is true, mental tortue works more effectively than physical tortue.