3 way text messaging sounds like a brilliant idea, amirite?

BBM has a group chat option. So do most texting apps you can get for your phone.

Football players are really victimized on websites like these, it's always about how much cooler the male cheerleaders/band nerds are, or what jerks we are. I believe that we deserve some credit for giving them the opportunity to perform, amirite?
127 Hours is so inspiring... amirite?

Try vomit-inducing...

you're not the sht, so stop treating people like they ARE sht. amirite?

I may not be the sh*t, but I sure am the shit. Ball up. You're on the internet, the word shit won't offend too many people.

Mac Miller is the Justin Beiber of rap, amirite?

If you mean that I love him in the same way I love Justin Bieber, than duhhh. I'm obsessed with Mac!

If you take any movie title and add, "in my pants" to the end, it becomes funnier, "Fast and Furious" (In my pants) "The sound of Music" (In my Pants", amirite?

Old Yeller... In My Pants.

You call your pet by lots of versions of its name e.g. my cat is called Squeak and I call her Squeakles, Mrs. Squeak, Squeaky Peeky etc. etc. , amirite?

I call my kitten named Saxon Goob.

You wish you were related to someone famous, amirite?

My some odd great uncle is Abraham Lincoln. We have family picturs and stuff. But he's dead so it's not like I can go hang with famous Uncle Abe or anything.

One time or another, you have spelled your name wrong, amirite?

I have to mentally (and sometimes orally) spell my last name, or I mess it up. And it's Schaefer. It's not like it's a really hard last name.

Why are the people in the UGG ads on the beach, amirite?

Ugg were invented for the beach. They keep your feet warm and keep sand out of your shoes.

It must have really sucked for women back in the 1500's or so. To think about them on their periods and not having pads or tampons must have been torture. Not to mention the lack of asprin, amirite?
@malexire We are SO lucky for our modern medicine(:

In 500 years we're gonna look like dumb asses when they have a cure for cancer, diabetes and heart disease.