How can you compare an innocent baby to a murderer?

Every Easter, you're like "Uhhh, spoiler alert! Some of us haven't finished the Bible yet!", amirite?
Best Christian pickup line- "So, last night I was reading the book of Numbers, and I realized I didn't have yours", amirite?

I will need your name and number to add to my prayer list.

When you hear "Dexter" you still think of "Dexter's Lab," not the serial killer, amirite?


What kind of concert costs 45 cents? 50 cent Feat. Nickleback. amirite?

I thought this was a joke dissing Nickleback but now I realize the actual joke and I don't like it as much

Bumper stickers mean more aggressive drivers, since people who have a lot of bumper stickers feel the need to have everyone that sees their car to know their opinions, amirite?

Mine says "Let me tell you about my grandchildren"

The worst way to break up with someone is to change your relationship status on Facebook without telling them, so they see the notification and don't know what hit them, amirite?

The best way to ask someone out is to try to change your relationship status to with them.

It's weird how october isn't the 8th month, amirite?
When someone asks you to give them a hand you should start clapping and cheering. amirite?
When someone asks you to give them a hand you should start clapping and cheering. amirite?
The devil is just another servant of God. Without him, nobody would see the good in life because there would be nothing wrong, amirite?

Nice try, Satan.

Teenagers, WHY ARE WE ALL SO HORNY ALL THE TIME?! amirite?

I was fine until you mentioned it..

You USED to watch TV for hours a day. NOW you go ONLINE for hours a day, amirite?

Stop yelling at me.

Prayer "aiding" recovery from disease is a result of the placebo effect, not divine intervention, amirite?

Another aspect of prayer that wasn't mentioned is that it helps the one that is praying spiritually become closer to God. Perhaps God doesn't need our help, and he knows what he is doing; praying benefits the one that is praying.

you have bumps around your nipples, amirite?