Girls: there is some really random things about guys you find sexy. For example: I think a guy jumping a wall is sexy, amirite?

Loosening a tie and holding babies. But not at the same time.

Guys: You feel really, really bad when you accidentally cause a girl physical pain, amirite?

But who cares about emotional pain.

A 18 year-old and an 13 year-old dating is "wrong", but a 65 year-old marrying a 60 year-old is no big deal, amirite?

The rule is half your age plus 7.

You don't know what the proper name or use is of ~, amirite?

So that in the Spanish language, you can make año- year and not ano- anus.

There's better ways than war to get back at a country. For example, pick a day where its supposed to rain, fly over the capital city, and drop thousands of rolls of toilet paper. That way no one gets killed, everyone gets confused, and they have to spend their time getting wet toilet paper off of their buildings instead of hurting others. amirite?

I like the way you think :)

Teenagers, WHY ARE WE ALL SO HORNY ALL THE TIME?! amirite?

I was fine until you mentioned it..

I think the best way to solve America's problem's is to elect a grizzly bear into the house of representatives, stick with me here, because he would than systematically take out the frail and weak and leave only those fit to survive. Not to mention congress would be forced to put their petty squabbles aside and band together in order to survive, nothing says bipartisanship like the threat of bears, amirite?

Haha I really liked the "stay with me here".

A 18 year-old and an 13 year-old dating is "wrong", but a 65 year-old marrying a 60 year-old is no big deal, amirite?

Half plus 7 rule.

Hunting for sport is wrong, amirite?

Says Bambi haha

The more sad I am, the more I masturbate. So far I've masturbated 5 times today; that's pretty depressing, amirite?
Being Christian is more than going to church. Being Christian is praying, having a devotion to Jesus and knowing Jesus as your Savior. amirite?

Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.

Girls: When it's summer time and you're staring at guys with their shirts off, you may be checking them out, but your more envious that they can take off their shirts and you can't without it being illegal, amirite?

Potd thinks it should be legal lol

you have bumps around your nipples, amirite?
it sucks when you paint something, and no one really cares but when someone famous paints something that looks just like it, they gain a lot of money. amirite?

I hate it when paintings that sell for fortunes look like someone just splattered paint everywhere.

I love you.