About me.

Formerly ARP

http://arp240.kk5.org/ Personal Chat

TILW is amazing and one of my favorite people on this site
Jesse_James is my Amirite ex-girlfriend broken heart
ImNotWearingAnyPants is kinda hot
KaySeas is my babymomma hello smilie
Handsy... he's cool :P
Brawk=Eww (but according to her eww=love)
I love Jami forever... and she is my secret lover
MissSexy's virginity, I has it. (ILY2)
MonsterUnderYourBed sleeps on top of my bed (if you know what I am saying)
Sexy_D is a pedophile... Shhh (I'm giving his secret away)
AJ, I still love and miss you...