It's annoying when teachers ask really personal questions on the "Getting to Know You" papers. You don't want to tell them "something no one knows about you," amirite?

Just write, "Every teacher I have ever had has retired less than half way through the school year."

Why are you labeling someone as a "slut" or a "whore" for having sex? Its their own personal life, and decision. They are still the same person that they were before it. amirite?

Yeah. But it's similar to when someone gets their doctorate. If I got mine I would still be the same person, just Dr. Blacksmith instead of Mr. Blacksmith. After sex, they are still the same person, just Andy the Whore instead of Andy.

@DagGirlYouChugly And he can be such a little hormonal bitch.

For some reason I read this as a response to the above comment.

It's frustrating how there can be Gay Pride parades and Black History month, but if there was a Straight Pride parade or White History month, people would freak out, amirite?

It's frustrating that Gay Pride parades and Black History month exist. They should just have, "Everybody is equal year."

Girls: the scariest thing you've ever done is let a guy eat you out for the first time. You felt so judged, amirite?
Sometimes you worry you might be ugly, then you look in the mirror and are relieved to see that you're fucking gorgeous, amirite?

I don't know about that, but I look at my girlfriend and realize I am literally fucking gorgeous.

At some point in your life you had a crush on someone who was totally out of your league, amirite?

Yeah I was in the NBA she was in the WNBA. I could score but she just didn't know what she was doing.

There's someone that whenever you think about them, you touch yourself, amirite?

Yeah. Justin Bieber. When I think about him, I touch myself on the forehead with my palm.

The apple can indeed fall far from the tree, amirite?
girls:you hate it when you eat or sleep a little more than usual and people assume you're pregnant, amirite? when you eat or sleep a little more than usual and people assume you're pregnant, amirite?

I didn't realize you could double post in a single post.

You are the type of person who always does what you want when you want... if your mom says it's okay. amirite?

Seriously? I am 21 god damn years old, no I don't do what my mom says.. Oops brb, girlfriend wants me to taKe out the garbage.

If you were to create an alternate universe, you'd make one that could be found by anyone, not just by the small minority who happen to have magical blood, amirite?
The Vatican claims the World's biggest problems are abortions and gays. Strange, I'm pretty sure nobody has fewer abortions than gays, amirite?

Just tell the Vatican that god wanted those babies to die because they might have grown up gay.

There comes a time in life where your only thought is 'fuck it' amirite?

Usually when I see a hot girl.

Instead of saying "cool story, bro" I'm going to start saying "sweet saga, yo". It'll catch on, amirite?