About me.

I'm Panamanian. Hopefully, people around here aren't dense and know where Panama is. Someday I'd like to visit Danville, Pennsylvania. The Office is awesome; after a shitty day, all it takes to get it all better is an episode of The Office. I'm not sure why, but I have a crush on Tracy Morgan. One of my dreams is to go to the Ellen DeGeneres Show, since she is the coolest lesbian that has walked this earth. I would like to get her attention, but I would most likely end pushing her off the stairs as she dances around the set. Eh, it would probably end on YouTube so I guess it's okay. I thoroughly enjoy making non-spanish speakers believe I'm insulting them in spanish, even if I call them something inoffensive like empanada. Yellow is the color of sunflowers, corn, chicks, the sun, and it so happens to be my favorite color. The Food Network is addictive, especially Barefoot Contessa and Good Eats. Ciudad de Panamá, lara merci.