A re-match on the Wii is called a Wii-Match, amirite?

Wii remote = Wii-mote.

If it's a girl's fault that she got raped because she dressed sluttily, then it's a homeowner's fault that he got robbed because he didn't lock his window, amirite?

Its not a girls fault if she was raped period. Also, I am sick of hearing girls who wear short skirts and low cut tops complain about guys hitting on them and staring.

@You're presenting two contradictory ideas here. If it's all a part of God's plan, then he would have planned for us...

I don't think that's true. God can plan our lives out and give us free will. Its like one of those choose your own adventure books. God writes the story and we choose which one to continue with, without knowing what's next, even though he does.

You know someone or is someone who dips his or her McDonald's french fries in McFlurry, amirite?
It's annoying when you try really hard to type correctly but, being dsylexic, you get the odd thing wrong, every dickhead has to comment and correct you. amirite?

I'm not dislexic, but I imagine that would be annoying.

Funny. i dont remember people being this upset about Dobby's death when the ACTUAL BOOK came out, amirite?

I cried when I read the book. When I saw the movie I just felt sad, and kind of upset that they didn't show the writing on the tombstone.

If the world was hurling towards the sun, you would eat all the ice cream you could before it melts, amirite?

Give me another fun scenario.

You have wondered how the hell Shaggy is so skinny when he eats like 3,000 calories a day! amirite?

Shaggy runs a lot( mostly from being chased ), Scooby steals almost 1/2 of his food, and longtime fans know that Shaggy used to be waaaay overweight until he became vegetarian. Shaggy is also the only adult in the group and in every animated episode he wears a different belt buckle from his belt buckle collection. ...And now everyone knows what a nerd I am.

if you have to write something on a cake, and the bakery charges by letter, "yay" will always work. amirite?
It must be awkward for husbands and wives of movie stars to watch their spouses passionately make out with their co-stars, even if it is just "acting", amirite?

In one of the episodes of "Firefly", the character's Zoe( Gina Torrez) and Wash (Alan Tudyk) have to do a scene like that and Gina Torrez's husband was watching. Later in the commentaries Alan described how nervous he was because Gina's husband was rather well built and looked angry.

if you have to write something on a cake, and the bakery charges by letter, "yay" will always work. amirite?
The first few minutes after waking up are kinda like being drunk. You say what ever you're thinking, act exactly how you feel and hardly remember a thing, amirite?

And your friend tells you something important that they will expect you to remember later.

if you have to write something on a cake, and the bakery charges by letter, "yay" will always work. amirite?

Almost always. Cakes are provided at funeral receptions.

Flirting is Cheating's ugly cousin, amirite?

Cheating is in fact uglier than Flirting, but yes they are cousins and are often seen together.

We all want that happy ending in life, amirite?

I want a happy continuance of life.