copycats for cereal is stupid. why the hell do you need it when we already have cereal exactly the same, amirite?

Cereal copycats are necessary because college students are poor, well, most college students.

You would love it if you got a slice of pie every time it was 3:14, amirite?
you pretend to be on the phone when you walk past a big group of people when your on your own. amirite?

That has happened to me sooo many times.

You know, someone actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on my windshield that said Driving Fine. amirite?
@AbbeyIsEppic oh i dont know

Sorry. I think I was in a bad mood on July 22nd. That shouldn't have come across so rudely.

Heart monitors will let you down when you're 'over excited', amirite?

Is this about Twilight or more general?

You don't actually know what RSVP stands for, amirite?
@Flipd I always thought it was Reservez instead of Repondez, as in Reserve.

I've heard it means both. As in reserve your seat or respond if you're going to show up.

If the world was hurling towards the sun, you would eat all the ice cream you could before it melts, amirite?
you cant help but laugh every time you hear someone say the word gay(in the meaning of happy) whenever you watch old tv shows or movies, amirite?

The fairy godmother talking to Cinderella in the animated Disney movie. " Have a good time. Dance. Be gay. Now off you go you're on your way."

What does Voldemort eat anyways? amirite?
@That was only in the first book.

True, but I don't know what else he eats.

Why can't the game Clue have a Mr.Black? Of course then everybody would accuse him of being the murderer, amirite?

Because Mr. Boddy wears black?

Using your neighbor's wireless Internet connection is a bit like having sex with a dead woman: You know it's wrong, but at the same time, they'll never find out. amirite?

A correct statement and an odd analogy.

The Tooth Fairy teaches kids to sell their body parts for money, therfore promoting prostitution,amirite?

The tooth fairy teaches organ harvesting and selling. If she taught prostitution, kids would recieve a mangled tooth back along with money.

The Tooth Fairy teaches kids to sell their body parts for money, therfore promoting prostitution,amirite?
The first chapter in To Kill a Mockingbird is impossible to read. I don't get one word of it. amirite?

You're right. It only makes sense when you read the book for a second time.

The sound of styrofoam rubbing aginst something else is painful. amirite?

I guess i'm lucky that i've never heard it then.