Flirting is Cheating's ugly cousin, amirite?

Cheating is in fact uglier than Flirting, but yes they are cousins and are often seen together.

The new Harry Potter was awesome but it kinda pissed you off that they left out the scene where Harry yells at Lupin for wanting to leave Tonks and the unborn baby to join Harry, Ron, and Hermione, amirite?

They also didn't show what Harry wrote on Dobby's Gravestone.

if you have to write something on a cake, and the bakery charges by letter, "yay" will always work. amirite?

Almost always. Cakes are provided at funeral receptions.

"WOW!" .. "Oh shush the camera adds 10 pounds" ..."So, how many cameras were on you?", amirite?

Joey: What happened to your nose?
Rachel: They had to reduce it because of my deviated septum.
Chandler: No. I was wrong. See,thats what they use to cover

You enjoy using the "I'm calling Santa" threat to get kids to calm down more than you probably should... but hey, it's amusing, amirite?

I've never used that before, but I will now.

@You're presenting two contradictory ideas here. If it's all a part of God's plan, then he would have planned for us...

I don't think that's true. God can plan our lives out and give us free will. Its like one of those choose your own adventure books. God writes the story and we choose which one to continue with, without knowing what's next, even though he does.

It must be awkward for husbands and wives of movie stars to watch their spouses passionately make out with their co-stars, even if it is just "acting", amirite?

In one of the episodes of "Firefly", the character's Zoe( Gina Torrez) and Wash (Alan Tudyk) have to do a scene like that and Gina Torrez's husband was watching. Later in the commentaries Alan described how nervous he was because Gina's husband was rather well built and looked angry.

Homeless people are actually a bit like a business man. He advertises his donation box with a catchy sign, or maybe sing a song etc. something to grab everyone's attention. He has competition with other homeless people. He has company alliances, with his friends. This homeless person could very well run a business better then a CEO, he knows that money is important, and not to abuse it. amirite?

Some people are homeless because they were left overwhelming debts by relatives who have passed away. Not all homeless people were bad with money before they became homeless.

Praying should be like masturbation. Nobody cares if you do it and if you do it in public don't make it obvious, amirite?

Anyone should be allowed to pray in public so long as they are not disturbing others, like screaming their prayer at the top of their lungs.

SoBe needs to go glass again. Plastic is the epicenter of "cheap" 'goods', amirite?

Same thing happened to soda pop. Glass to plastic. I went to an old fashioned store where I found coca cola in a glass bottle. Suprisingly to some, it tasted soooo much better thancoca cola in a plastic bottle.

Someday theres going to be a product called Instant Water, Just add water, and they'll make millions, amirite?

Sadly enough, there already is. My chem teacher showed it to my class before he retired.

Religion has no place in todays advancing world, all it is doing is holding back stuff that could be used to boost mankind tremendously, like stem cell reasearch, amirite?

Just because some religions are against stem cell research, doesn't mean all of them are. Christianity respects life, and with that research to help save lives, however Christianity does not respect a system in which women repeatedly to get pregnant in order to sell stem cells, which are unborn children.

Whites are the least racist people, amirite?

I am white and I have no problem with anyone of another race. In fact more often now I have noticed people of other nationalities being racist to whites. I have only seen whites being racist to people of other nationalities on television. And both shock me. I don't understand why people would waste their time being rude to someone who never did anything to them.

A re-match on the Wii is called a Wii-Match, amirite?

Wii remote = Wii-mote.

You have wondered how the hell Shaggy is so skinny when he eats like 3,000 calories a day! amirite?

Shaggy runs a lot( mostly from being chased ), Scooby steals almost 1/2 of his food, and longtime fans know that Shaggy used to be waaaay overweight until he became vegetarian. Shaggy is also the only adult in the group and in every animated episode he wears a different belt buckle from his belt buckle collection. ...And now everyone knows what a nerd I am.