That's what I thought. Avoid the question.


That's what I thought. Avoid the question.


OP will love that. He is president of NAMBLA.

The "Tattlin' Tattler" told about you and those little boys did he?

The U.S. spends more on defense than the next seven countries combined

We don't need armed services. Arm the people. If we are ever invaded we will defend ourselves. Eisenhower warned us and we let them control us regardless. We are fools and deserve whatever happens. Take control, or sit back and complain.

Do you believe the theory Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene?

I take that, plus several other mistranslated passages as pretty conclusive proof that the Jesus of the bible was a homosexual and had numerous sexual relations with the apostles.
He was likely "bi-", as that was common in those times, and likely had sexual relations with Mary, but would not have married her because his primary attraction was to other males.

As a matter of fact, I am utterly repulsed and unreservedly nauseated with all the headline news, op-eds, editorials, soundbites and tabloids of banner stories which continue to proliferate our airwaves, radio broadcasts and telecasts with serial threads of our nation’s undeterred road to Armageddon; to mankind’s inevitable demise under the ill-advised leadership of a black Muslim XXX by the name of Barack Hussein Obama. And…don’t anyone out there dare call the damn race card on me, as I am sick and tired of defending all of you white apologists who elected this egomaniac to the office of the president, not once but twice - shame on you all and damn you, too. ~Obie Usategui

Holy fuck are you a buffoon.

What’s Your Favorite Mexican Dish?

Pati of course :)

Image in content

Did you get your learner's permit on the 1st try?

I prefer mine in

You forgot pedophila, always admit that your a pedophile

Perfect. Now you can become a troop leader and continue your hobby.

I think you qualify under the mental waiver.

Am I reading this right, you want to marry your dog and "enter" her through the back door? What next? Eating feces in public. You beastophiles are a sick bunch. But you do have that right so please be kind to her.

Anyone besides you? Yes. Most of your friends.