Do you believe the theory Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene?

Trump admires and envies dictators. He does not believe in democracy. It's really that simple.

random ones bad only pretty ones ask for dating

Oregon gunman singled out Christians during rampage
@Anonymousmouse hey. I am using atheist logic, many atheists like to paint all christian as evil because of the actions of a few...

I don't get why you religion fakers aren't celebrating this man who fulfilled gods will and brought his followers to his side. You can't have it both ways. Either your god determines "the time and place" or he does not exist.

Stop lying to yourselves. Your god would not have sent this gun man to "sort" out the christians if it wasn't "end-of-times." Fall to your knees and pray for your souls.

Where can I meet this Cancer?

So rapist, you seem to know a lot about how to rape women. From your vast experiences raping woman with power and drugs and your penis.

I would ask what it is like to violate a woman without her permission but the thought of you molesting and raping all those women you raped disgusts me.

Like the same way that dozens of women who have come forward accusing Cosby of drugging them and fondling them and fucking them against their will (like you did with those women and children you fondled and fucked.)
But not really like those women that accused Clinton, because, (oh yeah, that's right) no women ever accused Clinton of fucking them. Not in the same way you and Cosby fucked those poor drug and powerhungery women (and young girls, and children and babies) that you stuck your cock into and raped bloody with your penis.