If they're old, you can tell be the wrinkly skin.

A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man. amirite?
P.E. is the course where teachers can silently enjoy torturing the kids, amirite?
alarm clocks are useful until you learn how to turn it off in your sleep amirite?

Put it out of reach. Then you'll have to drag your ass out of bed.

When boys act 'catty' like girls, it's really annoying. To be usually really straight-forward, then suddenly start hiding your feelings and beating around the bush is obnoxious. If we wanted you to act girls, we would just be friends with girls, amirite?

Sexist much?

you hate pooping at a public bathroom because they always use one-ply toilet paper and then it rips and your hand goes into your butthole, amirite?

That's why you grab more than just 1 sheet.

Homophobes say that homosexuality is choice. If it's a choice, please, become gay right now, go kiss a person of your gender, watch something gay or do whatever and tell me that you were attracted to it the whole time. I bet you weren't, and if you were, you're still gay. amirite?
Atheism: "I don't believe this shit" Amish: "Modern shit is useless" Lawyers: "For enough money, I can get you out of this shit" Hip-Hop: "Motherfuck this shiznit, beeatch" Optimism: "This shit won't happen to me!" Vegetarianism: "If it happens to shit, don't eat it!" SHIT HAPPENS, amirite?

Pessimist: The shit won't stop hitting the fan.

You secretly wish that Willie Wonka's factory was real, amirite?

Why secretly? I freely admit that I wish it was real.

A soldier only needs to shoot straight, not be straight, amirite?

i wouldn't know. i've never read the bible. people keep trying to push religion at me, so i became an atheist.

NO. It's not CUSSING. It's CURSING. You sound like your retarded or have a lisp when you say cussing. amirite?

I just say swearing.

It's pointless for people to take thousands of pictures of themselves. The moments worth remembering stay with you forever anyway, amirite?

Nah, I have a pretty bad memory and pictures help a lot.

There is not a nicer way of telling somebody their breath smells, amirite?

Here, have some gum. No, really, I insist.

A soldier only needs to shoot straight, not be straight, amirite?
When you're a bookworm, reading 400 or 500 pages of novel in one or two days is not at all a big of a deal. amirite?
@StitchedScythe XD 500 pages in a day? I'm up to a good 1,000

now that school's out, 1,000 pages per day is no problem.