Mickey Mouse is Disney’s most well known character, but he is not interesting and has zero personality, amirite?
In school, we should be taught how to love our country. It is where we live and America is definitely something I'm proud of. The founding fathers fought to make this country independent and now we live here. I don't think this country was built on slavery, because it wasn't. It was built on a revolution. A battle. A war. amirite?
@DandyDon Idiots that say and think that, don't know how good they have it here. For any of those idiots that hate this...

Here’s the conversation that went between my cousin and I on Instagram about this issue.

So after she presses me to explain why I support Trump, I explain he puts our vets over illegals

Her response: but we need immigrants. They’re real people with real families

Me: We need to learn the difference between legal and illegal

That’s when she still wasn’t getting it, so that’s when I had to step away and block her. It’s not that I don’t want to understand a Democrat’s point of view. The problem is so many Democrats refuse to understand my view.

The police were not attacking Breonna Taylor because of her race, they were shooting back in defense because her boyfriend shot at them. If he hadn’t, she would still be alive. The media and celebrities lie, amirite?
Kamala Harris didn’t bring any facts to the vice presidential debate. She only lied, bitched about Trump’s administration, and praised Joe Biden as if he’s some kind of god, amirite?
@KvotheSavien I don' t think either candidate brought any facts with them. It was just a spew fest of rosy talking points from...

Fair, but in my opinion when Pence was doing it toward Harris at least he was calm about it. She was so full of anger and wasn’t calm and collected at all.

Family friendly places to vacation need to stop serving alcohol, it’s called family friendly for a reason, amirite?
The main character of a book, movie or series is usually the worst character, amirite?
Saved by the bell is one of the worst television series ever, amirite?
@KvotheSavien You just broke my teenage self's Kelly Kapowski loving heart...

Everybody’s different when it comes to tv preferences, I’m glad you enjoy it and no disrespect to you 👍🏼

Every time you pass some one reading a newspaper or magazine you want to smack it out of their hands. amirite?
At popular amusement parks, waiting in line is longer than the ride itself, amirite?

Tell me about it, it was always like this at the Disney Parks lol.

Amusement parks would sound terrifying without music, amirite?

Especially at night 😂

Wah wah... Bad parents make bad kids ...make joe accountable for his kids and his grandkids too, amirite?
@DandyDon Sleepy Joe....47 years of him lining his and his family’s pockets. After 47 years of being useless to the...

Lol I love how whiny people are regarding Trump’s comments on Biden. “Oh my (places hand on forehead dramatically) Trump has spoken the truth! How will we ever survive? 😅

Chocolate is weirdly waxy... hmmm... yummy wax... amirite?

It actually is lol

Trump took off his white sheet and showed who he really is. His supporters are doing the same. amirite?
@Thinkerbell The Democrats have always been made up of internally contradictory coalitions.   At one time they were an...

Ironic that the Dems are rich, yet they whine Trump doesn’t care about the poor 😅🤔

Trump took off his white sheet and showed who he really is. His supporters are doing the same. amirite?
@DandyDon The real racist is still hiding under his sheet and MSM helps him to stay covered up, while he tries to project his...

Blacks have experienced way more racism under the Democrats than they have under the Republicans. I’m sick and tired of Democrats falsely claiming they’re the party of the people. Trump has always been progressive for blacks, always.

Trump couldn't denounce white supremacy groups because of their tight affiliation with each other, amirite?
@DandyDon Racism....it’s all you sheep and Sleepy Joe have, getting so desperate it’s...

There are more Trump supporters than we think! It’s just that people are so afraid of the backlash. I will not back down for the feelings of other people.