Mickey Mouse is Disney’s most well known character, but he is not interesting and has zero personality, amirite?
Saying it's so two thousand and late is so two thousand and late, amirite?
If we actually listened to the saying " Don't talk to strangers" none of us would have friends, amirite?

Yeah, that saying was made up by those paranoid people who think that everyone is dangerous.

It's so hard to get into a good show that doesn't get good until the second episode, let alone the second season. amirite?

Friends is an example for me. I love it but I didn’t connect with the characters until the second or third seasons.

Omg ha ha best New Year’s idea ever

Why do parents always ask kids to get of their phones? It's not like it harms/bothers THEM! amirite?

It’s jealousy that they never had anything that cool when they were growing up.

It’s Thursday, September 26th, 2020, and Barack Obama was the most corrupt President in US history.
Obamagate, amirite?

Finally, someone who knows that Obama is evil. I’m sick of all the praise he gets from everyone. He did zero for America.

Trump couldn't denounce white supremacy groups because of their tight affiliation with each other, amirite?

Yet Biden said anyone who doesn’t vote for him isn’t black. Yet that’s not white supremacy? Hypocrites!

Feminists have alot of stains on their laundry, amirite?

Sure. With women making more money than men these days and all their reproductive freedoms they can get, they’re still not satisfied and still cry feminism.

Family friendly places to vacation need to stop serving alcohol, it’s called family friendly for a reason, amirite?
Spinach and artichoke dip is the best dip. amirite? If you don’t agree, please tell me what your favorite dip is. Post a pic if you can, please. amirite?

Best dip ever!

As far as small talk goes, people always talk about the weather. amirite?

I never understood why we treat small talk as such a big deal in America. It’s boring. Deep conversations for me any day

Every time you pass some one reading a newspaper or magazine you want to smack it out of their hands. amirite?
Kamala Harris didn’t bring any facts to the vice presidential debate. She only lied, bitched about Trump’s administration, and praised Joe Biden as if he’s some kind of god, amirite?
@KvotheSavien I don' t think either candidate brought any facts with them. It was just a spew fest of rosy talking points from...

Fair, but in my opinion when Pence was doing it toward Harris at least he was calm about it. She was so full of anger and wasn’t calm and collected at all.

Look, I’m not going to judge you if you drink alcohol, but don’t force your alcohol on me, amirite?
@DandyDon I quit drinking alcohol years ago, don't miss it one bit.

I also hate this

Them: Have a drink
Me: No thanks
Them: Why?
Me: Don’t need a reason, I just don’t want one