About me.

Hey - I don't care what you think as long as it's about me

  • I'm a fourteen year old, California girl.
  • I think daisy dukes are trashyyyy. And no, I will not melt your popsicle. Don't even ask.
  • I abuse the usage of smiley faces.
  • I have two middle names, Anna and Noel. Thus, my username.
  • I'm an actual insomniac. Right now, it's 4:23am. I'm wide awake.
  • My cat > your first born child.
  • I'm a Parawhore. Don't screw with me and my Paramore. I will get you. So hide your children, hide your wife, cause they’re rapin errbody out here..
  • I'm a former MLIA'er. I'm still recovering. Dear Lord, forgive my sins.
  • I have a horrible memory.
  • I love practically ALL music. Except Bon Jovi and BrokenCYDE.
  • I'm not religious... ha.
  • I'm half Japanese, half Irish. Which means... I'm... not black.
  • I say sorry, a lot.
  • Michael Cera, Michael Cera, Michael Cera.
  • I hate headphones, math, revolving doors, and people who underestimate me.
  • I love Chipotle, and shiny things.
  • I don't have a Facebook. I did. But, it eventually drove me insane.
  • I want to become a make-up artist when I grow up. Or Lady Gaga. Either one.
  • I'm an intelligent person. :)
  • I can ramble on forever... about myself? Ha, well this is an about me.
  • I push my music favorite music upon others. Heh-heh.
  • Paramore, Flyleaf, Jimmy Eat World, Rise Against, He is We, Silverchair, System of a Down, Fall Out Boy, Aranda, Dollyrots, Set Your Goals, No Doubt, Cage the Elephant, Sublime, Deftones, Weezer, LMFAO, 3Oh!3 are my favorite bands/groups. In that order.
  • I ran 3 miles yesterday. I'm very proud of myself. You should be proud of me as well.
  • Singing is my way of releasing stress. Kinda like in musicals and stuff. Haha.. kinda.
  • I go on Amirite like, twice a week.
  • UC Santa Barbara is my dream school.
  • I once swallowed a straw. It became lodged in my throat. T'was not a fun day.

Anyway if you spend your time reading this say hey or something, 'cause you're probably really cool. :]