I'd rather have more security than freedom.

You know what's really secure? Prison.

This is the first time it's occurred to me that it's groundhog day, and it's 9 pm.

When you were younger, or even now, and on a long road trip, you imagined there was a little man running alongside your car dodging obstacles, amirite?

I had a little man swinging from whatever green shrubbery there was..

Nothing like sitting in bed, staring at the ceiling, and wondering why the ceiling is white. Why cant it be another color? amirite?

Mine is lime green..

People with weird accents: you hate voice-recognition things like Siri, since they never understand you, amirite?

Siri actully sends everything to a database in California, where the Apple engineers listen to the accents to help Siri understand them better.

The best time to wear a striped sweater is

That's the kind!

Dogs are by far the best pets because they need you. They are social and loving, while cats are stuck up and mean, amirite?

Thats actully the reason I like cats..

You don't/try not to take God's name in vain.

I don't cuz I belive it's wrong. It's always awkward tho when I say something like "oh my...!!" and it just kinda ends.

Every radio station in the area should not play Christmas music all day every day! Variety of the spice of life! An hour here or there is okay!

The explanation points made this obnoxious

You stray away from sharing your real last name on the internet, amirite?
It would be fun to know what your reaction was when you found out about sex. amirite?

"when a man and a woman love each other very much they get in bed naked together"
Me: they keep their underwear on though right?

You stray away from sharing your real last name on the internet, amirite?

Well it's Smith.. So..

You love when you finally understand the chapter you are learning in math, especially if it's before a test.
You remember when Arthur the aardvark seemed old to you, now he seems really young, amirite?

I remember waiting so long to be as old as Arthur! But by then I didn't watch it.. And now I do and he's so little!

Justin bieber is going to be in a c.s.i. episode. You are going to watch and see if he is the murder victim, amirite?
@Tiny_Tim For like a week, or month tops. Then it's over. The longer he is alive, the longer I have to hear about this shit...

Micheal Jackson died what, 4 years ago? Every single singing competition there is still has a Micheal Jackson night