There are some people that you just look at, and you wonder "how do you function?", amirite?

Yea some people are just almost too gay to function..

An easy way to recall someone's name in an unobtrusive way is to ask them "how do you spell your name? ... unless they reply, "S-M-I-T-H", amirite?

That's how it usually goes for me.. "how do you spell your name..?" A-n-n-a. "i didnt know if it had 2 ns or not.. But no I meant your last name.." S-m-I-t-h.. "Uh.. I thought there was a silent e at the end.."

It would be helpful if each city came with a guide for people who had just moved in so they don't have to look stupid in front of locals. "New residents should invest in close-toed shoes and watch out for ants every spring. Commonly used make-out spots include the junkyard and riverside park, and we have an inside joke involving doughnuts due to a drunk man who accidentally dialed our local radio station.", amirite?

But that ruins the fun of laughing at tourists!

When you see someone's lifespan written like this, you calculate how long they lived, amirite?

He was 81. So he must of had a good long life as a father of a naturalist!

Obviously the egg came first because dinosaurs and fish have been around a lot longer than chickens and they lay eggs, amirite?

From a Christian standpoint, just debating the chicken/egg thing here, I believe chicken came first because God made the chicken an adult like Adam and Eve. Just my beliefs.

You would willingly go to school if they never gave homework or projects or test. Amirite?

Me thinks I'd like school better if there weren't grades. Like we could be tested, but it would only reflect the teachrr

When you were younger, or even now, and on a long road trip, you imagined there was a little man running alongside your car dodging obstacles, amirite?

I had a little man swinging from whatever green shrubbery there was..

Scene kids must have to get up at, like, five in the morning to get ready for school, amirite?

My school starts at 7:30, and it takes 30 minutes for me to walk there. So I gotta get up at 6. 5 if I wanna take a shower. So it's almost reasonable where I live.

There's a line in Jingle Bells that goes "bells on bobtails ring." As a kid, you sang the line but you didn't know what it was talking about, amirite?
@Annajoy97 Still don't..

Christmas is gonna be so different this year!

Just because someone has cancer does not automatically make them "beautiful", at least aesthetically. Just because someone is in a gay relationship does not automatically make them in love. Someone with a disability is not automatically a better person than someone who is able. Facebook groups promoting these ideas need to shut the fuck up, amirite?

I gotta google Adalia Rose now..

They should have a Guess Who: Asian edition, amirite?

I think it'd come down to the hats/glasses/facial hair on that one..

You don't/try not to take God's name in vain.

I don't cuz I belive it's wrong. It's always awkward tho when I say something like "oh my...!!" and it just kinda ends.

Hostess said "We're losing money, we have to cut your pension by 2%." Union said "Umm... No. We're going on strike." Hostess said "We CANNOT keep running. We'll close at exactly 5 pm on 11/15 if you don't reach an agreement." Union called the bluff, and lost it. Hostess cupcakes and Twinkies were a classic. It's pretty sad they're gone... Amirite?

I think this whole thing is hilarious just because how bad it turned out for the union workers.. "we want money! We're goin on strike!" Hostess: you can't do that, we're barely making it as it is.. "youre lying. STRIKE" :) Hostess: you're outta a job. How'd that work out for you?? :)

Its common to find people with green eyes, but its IMPOSSIBLE to find someone with UGLY green eyes, amirite?
Once you see how chicken nuggets are made, you can't eat them without thinking about it, amirite?

I'm very scared to eat anything now.. That picture..