If Donald Duck has nephews, where is his brother? amirite?

This is fucking fascinating! Image in content

Its disguisting that in this modern day of age, some people are still against homosexuality. amirite?

I don't think there's anything wrong with being against it. As long as those views don't turn into bigotry and hatred.
My Bible, which I believe as truth, says acting on it is not a good thing.
That doesn't mean I can't have a gay best friend, which I do. It just means that I, as a Christian, chose to not act on any homosexual tendencies.

I know people will throw a pissy fit by referring to it as 'sinning' but I always say 'hate the sin love the 'sinner'. Meaning just because you think it's wrong doesn't make it okay to show hatred towards the person doing it.

A person's eyes can tell more about them than a diary or biography ever could, amirite?

"Your eye color is an odd shade of brown today...do you have to poop?"
"Uh, no, they're actually just my regular eye color--"
"No, no, it's okay if you have to poop. I didn't have to read your diary."
"But I don't--"
"Shhhh. Your eyes say it all."

Counting sheep is actually a great way to fall asleep. After you've walked all the way to a farm at night, counted all of the farmer's sheep, and ran back home while he chased you with his shotgun, you feel like you're exchausted enough to sleep for days. Amirite?

How a mathematician counts sheep: http://ctrlv.in/123155
How Toph counts sheep: http://ctrlv.in/123157
I Darth Vader counts sheep: http://ctrlv.in/123153
How a robot counts sheep: http://ctrlv.in/123154
How thinkers count sheep: http://ctrlv.in/123151
How animal cloners count sheep: http://ctrlv.in/123158
How crash dummies count sheep: http://ctrlv.in/123160
How sheep count sheep: http://ctrlv.in/123162
How death counts sheep: http://ctrlv.in/123163
How Evil Knieval counts sheep: http://ctrlv.in/123165
How creative people count sheep: http://ctrlv.in/123166
To each, his own

Mythbusters: If it isn't true, you blow it up instead then. amirite?

And if it is true: blow it up anyway

Here's a great drinking game: Take a shot every time you take a shot. Difficulty level: shitfaced. amirite?

Why would you want to get so many shots? They hurt... (cry2)