I wouldn't give one of these to my child any time soon

No technology no matter how “secure” companies claim it is is ever safe of hacking

Trump is the Laziest President in History

He has gotten more done in one year then Obama did in 8 years. If that’s lazy the. Give me lazy all day everyday

Can it get too hot for you?

if its 18 or higher and sunny and im not by a lake to swim or pool its too hot

What is your opinion on the U.S prez Donald Trump?

million times better then Hilary, but no where enar as good as Rand Paul or Ron paul would have been

Post a favourite comedy song
Post something uplifting

he was a good guy, something we don;t see much in society today

nope, no tattoo's so can;t have any regrets haha

After learning the President of the US has no problem sharing classified information with Russians, Trump supporters are like:

wow, just like you democrats did when Obama was in office, bunch of hypocrites, except it wasn't just when Obama was in power, you are still doing it, blaming all the worlds problems on republicans, and before Obama you where doing it. so keep your mouth shut, you have no say!

Please post a song compatible with your current dating status. (Yes, people my age still date occasionally). :)

good ridance, we are happy you lost, the world thanks USA for not voting for you

Evolution. How can it be denied?

thats adapt not evolve, flinches where observed to adapt to environment also, but brought back to original environment they go back to how they where, that does not prove evolution, only proves animals adapt to the environment, but they do not evolve

In our lifetime...there will never be a female President. I don't know if I can forgive America for that.

vote for who is best not for skin color or gender, hilary was worse then trump, americans saw that and i applaud them for it

prairie oysters