The more order people have. The more they crave chaos. The more chaos people have. The more they crave order. amirite?

People really want what they don't have

Being a "critical thinker" and questioning the narrative used to be a desirable trait. amirite?
There was a point in human history when pockets didn't exist, amirite?

Pockets? What are those?


You have never seen an old midget... amirite?

What you guys consider old astounds me.

You don't meet many flat earthers who are pilots. amirite?

Because the salary is very high

Given that other animals are able to count, humans probably weren't the first species in our evolution to be counting. There was probably some lizard or rat or something down the line that started counting one day. amirite?
You have never seen an old midget... amirite?
@contextrip Gary coleman was old. Verne troyer is old

Gary Coleman died at 42, Verne was 49. Wtf do you consider old?

No matter how bad it gets, you will always be rich at the dollar store, amirite?

I have less then 10 bucks to my name. Cant wait to be living the high life on paper plates a few bags of candy and a cococola glass

Stretching your legs and pointing your toes when you lay down to sleep is a better feeling than morning wood. amirite?
The world needs primitive technology reserves where people can go and do their caveman thing and still see other humans. amirite?

I found a community hand tool woodworking shop. When things open up again, I'm definately joining up. It's about as close as I can get in the big city.

By definition, school is a concentration day camp. amirite?
@dankXD You may want to review your definition of a "concentration camp"

I meant concentration, as in "mental focus" and day camp, as in a "daytime program for children, where they return home afterwards".

Being still helps you consentrate and a still helps you consentrate liquids, amirite?

I.. had to reread that like 5 times

There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who ate their boogers as kids and those who didn't. amirite?

What do you mean, as kids?

People fifty years ago or so must not have expected that passwords would play such an important part in non-spionage-related activities, amirite?

Of all the things people 50 years ago didn't expect, that's certainly one.

Everything Is A Weapon If You Throw It Fast Enough, amirite?

Throwing shade can hurt someone deeply so this checks out.