the sky gets it's blue color from water, but what make the water blue, amirite?
@Creegs17 Nitrogen primarily, to be specific.

You think I don't know because I wasn't specific enough for you? Lol

Each person has a unique nunber till which they can count before dying of exhaustion. amirite?

No, two people can have the same number.

The people not wearing masks because they "can't breathe with it" are the ones who need them the most. amirite?

Once they reach the ventilator level, they'll know what trouble with breathing is

Life is not like a box of chocolates, you always know what kind are inside. amirite?

Stupid is as stupid does

Knowing the difference between stalagmites and stalactites is a lot less important in adulthood than elementary school made it seem, amirite?

My friend said "A stalag-mite hit you in the head." But he never knows what he's talking about. That's how I remember it.

someone out there is sexually attracted to snowmen, amirite?

Is this a confession?

Everyone acknowledges the existence of fathers and Mother's Day but no one really cares enough to celebrate children's day, amirite?

Everyday is children's Day.

When the guys get together, they insult each other without really meaning it. When the girls get together, they compliment each other without really meaning it. amirite?

Aww, you're so sweet, you asshole.

As camera technology improves things that are visible from space aren't that monumental or impressive anymore, amirite?
Every human can jump like Lebron James. amirite?
If you're poor and mentally unstable you're crazy but if you're rich and mentally unstable you're eccentric. amirite?

All the more incentive to be rich

There are 2 groups of protesters on the streets, those Against Police brutality and those For it. amirite?
@Framie1 No?

No. what the other guy said is very correct

We probably wouldn't go outside wrapped in a blanket in 70-75 degree weather, yet we do it every night in our homes, amirite?

No blankets here. Prefer the cold.

Mirrors don't actually break. They just multiply, amirite?
A funnel is not very fun, amirite?

If you don't think a funnel is fun, you're not using it right