Early humans probably had really dry lips. amirite?

they preceded water?

"It goes without saying" is the dumbest expression in the English language, amirite?

I think this goes without saying.

The world doesn't understand the feeling of a fallen leaf in this beautiful nature. amirite?

Leaves feel things ?

The referee must be a technician

If we could travel in time and take a smart phone with us, which is one of our most advanced pieces of technology of our era, in a day or two without the charger and electricity it'd just be a shiny piece of crap. amirite?
Bees have bee revolts, amirite?

are beetles related to bees?

Tall people never have to wash their hair because no one can smell anything, amirite?

My hair gets really icky if I don't wash it.

Chimpanzees are evolving as we once did, amirite?
@bismith5000 Give them a government

That would be something I would like to see

All children are handmade. amirite?

Hands don't have to be involved at all. That's just personal choice.

Never ask a girl her age. Especially catgirls. They have claws! amirite?

I'd ask a catgirl her age if I could _actually_ ask her her age

Everybody's fluent knowledge of Roman numerals ends at 12. amirite?

I know till 49.

if humans are mostly made of water then why do we float, amirite?

I can't float unless I'm in salt water. I just sink like a turd.

A tree died not knowing it will wipe your ass one day, amirite?
@chekkibrekki12 That's why I wipe with mayonnaise

I like the taste after you dip it in body-made chocolate

Ejaculating and Yawning are polar oppisites, amirite?

Not if you gleek

If SpongeBob ran for office, "l'm Ready" is the perfect campaign slogan. amirite?

He's just not ready.