Nothing remains untouched because everything touches everything. amirite?

Actually, looking at a molecular level, nothing touches.

Animals communicate using smell, so maybe they discuss humans using it. amirite?

how do they communicate using smell?

If you have a concussion, King Tutankhamen, amirite?

Puberty ain't easy is it Burt

Water is the default taste, amirite?
@But water from different sources and with different minerals in it tastes different. Also if you tried to drink...

different minerals in it tastes different

Everything tastes different if you add things to it? We're not talking about what's IN it.

Average person has half of a dick, amirite?
The same math that makes it almost impossible for us to be alone in the universe also makes it almost impossible we'll meet any other beings. amirite?

Yet I see that same nasty old lady every time I go to the grocery store.

Humanity has advanced socially, culturally and technologically, but we are still running on 200,000 year old brain meats our caveman ancestors had. amirite?

Not true. If we'd really been running on biology that old, we wouldn't have survived this long. There's a reason we don't die at the ripe old age of 30 anymore.

The concept of working out and exercise is pretty weird from a human history perspective. Generally speaking our current era has probably been the most difficult time in history to stay fit and in good shape. amirite?
Potato chips always taste better directly from the bag. amirite?

The expensive air really enhances the experience

The machines in the Matrix trilogy secretly wanted to be destroyed, because otherwise they would have given all humans inside the Matrix perfect lives as to not arouse suspicion. amirite?

The movie talks about how they tried to make the matrix perfect and they rejected it. Its in one of the scenes with smith interrogating morpheus is i remember correctly

Some sex dolls have less plastic in them than the Kardashian Family, amirite?

Thats awesome lmao good one

A corona a day keeps the ambulance away, amirite?
Most problems can be solved with a nap. amirite?

Solved? No. But it can be put on hold. Unless you dream about it in which case you're screwed

Doubt it, all those WW3 memes were ass.

"Season's Greetings" is only popular during one of the four seasons, amirite?

Name the other 3 holiday seasons.