About me.

I really like Sturgeon's law and Schrodinger's Cat. Does that make me weird? Thanks to my AP Human Geography class I'm also kind of hooked on documentaries. If you've seen a good one message me and let me know; I'll watch pretty much anything, including Being Elmo, which surprisingly is now at the top of my lists of favorites. I'm quite appreciative of good grammar and sentence structure, and I love it when I see a semicolon being used properly-though I don't always use them in the right instances myself.

I AM A FEMALE- or is it I AM FEMALE? Im not sure.

If you can identify where this quote is from I'll....well I can't really give or offer you anything but just know you're awesome. Anyway, here is the quote: "I am constantly torn between killing myself and killing everyone around me. Those seem to be the two choices. Everything else is just killing time."