Non-religious people- You still use phrases including the word 'god,' such as "oh my god", amirite?

I say "Oh my God" when something is unbelievable, such as the concept of a deity.

It would be interesting to have a cross-over of two shows like American Idol snd Survivor, having the scrubby survivor cast sing to "survive" and the Idol diva's trying to fend for themselves, amirite?

"Kids say the darnest things WHEN ANIMALS ATTACK"

Afrikaans sounds like an epic language, amirite?
'Dit is eintlik net ongelooflik ingewikkeld, so dit help nie jy probeer nie.'
Well... You prefer English, amirite?

Ek het nou amper aan my pap verstik toe ek Afrikaans hier raaklees!
Nice to know there is some speakers on amirite

Piers Morgan from the UK, Sharon Osbourne from the UK, and Howie Mandel from Canada. It's called America's Got Talent, amirite?

I think it's better that way. Foreign judges could be more objective than local ones.

When you are feeling lonely you finger yourself, amirite?
You dont have to be drunk to have a good time, amirite?

No, but it certainly helps.

Do cellphone tower engineers really think theyre fooling anyone by decorating a huge tower with a few spare branches, amirite?

They may not be fooling anyone, but it looks a hell lot better than the normal steel tower.

One of the hardest things to do is run down the stairs without a bra on, amirite?

Guys do it all the time. Really not that difficult.

Anal Sluts 7 was better than Backdoor Bitches 4, amirite?

Sandra Spreadum's performance really blowed, though.

Humans lives are like a mountain, they start out as babies who need help with everything they do, become mature adults who do try and help others, and then age into elderly people who cannot even go to the bathroom without difficulty, amirite?

I hate it when a mountain pisses on me.

A post seems much more important when it has a tag, amirite?

Same with people.

South Africa is beautiful, amirite?

Dis fokken fantasties.

Next time you get a bad waiter, see how long they can wait before they force you to order something. Like every time they come over, just say "I'd like to order the salm...actually can you give me a couple more minutes?" and replace the food item each time they ask. It could be interesting to see how long their patience would last, amirite?

how would you know if it is a bad waiter if you hadn't ordered anything yet?

I really like ceilings...I guess you could call me a ceiling fan, amirite?

Oh you so punny

You remember when the Razr phones were the newest and coolest, amirite?

I was one of those razr freaks and I was the shit. Mind the tense.