Girls: You don't understand why guys have such a hard time opening up your bra. Heck, you can open AND close it with your eyes closed and your arms behind your back, amirite?

I've never been able to close it behind my back. It's easier to just close it in front and then twirl it around.

One of the reasons that JK Rowling is a better author than Stephanie Meyer is because JK Rowling isn't afraid to kill her characters unlike Stephanie Meyer who makes sure that none of the "good" characters die, amirite?


If a girl that you are in a relationship with goes to the beach, tells you she's going to get drunk, that she's hanging out with some guys that you don't know, and then stops responding completely, you have a right to be a little upset, amirite?

And maybe a little worried?

Its so annoying when that one girl who everybody hates follows around the popular group as their making faces behind her back, amirite?

Is it annoying that the hated girl is following around the popular group? Or is it annoying that they're making faces behind her back?... or is it both?

This post is weird. hmm smilie

Girls: As strange as it may sound, you'd rather give birth to a rape baby as a teenager as opposed to a child from the result of unprotected sex with someone you liked, amirite?
@Handsy To anyone who doesn't get it: If you're a teen girl who's pregnant, you're going to be judged no matter what...

I don't know how to say this in a way that won't sound offensive, but that seems like a rather selfish reason. You would rather deny your child a relationship with their father than face the consequences of your actions?

Theres nothing else you look forward to more then being 18 and being able to make your own choices. amirite?

Usually there's nothing I look forward to more than sleep.

Don't complain about "Light's out and computer off at 11:00 pm" when you didn't even wake up until after 11:00 a.m. -- If you want more time to do things, WAKE UP EARLIER! amirite?

It's not that I want more time to do things, I'm just not tired enough at 11 o'clock to go to bed. I'm a night owl, not an early bird. Don't make me fight my circadian rhythm.

While doing a test, it's really annoying when the teacher walks around in the classroom and randomly laugh at a students test, amirite?

I have never experienced this.

Nothing feels worse than an incomplete yawn, amirite?

Or an incomplete sneeze.

Some people are so famous, you only need to see a unique feature they have to recognize them, amirite?

oh, I see it! At first I thought you were referencing Face from Nick Jr. goo smilie

It's strange that a lot of humans see themselves as separate from other animals in the animal kingdom in two distinct groups: human and non human animals. There's really nothing special about people other than their intelligence, in the same way there's nothing special about a cheetah other than running at 70 mph and keen hunting instincts. There's no reason for humans to think of themselves as special or seperate ... amirite?

But Anon (I'm assuming you agree with the post?), doesn't that in effect make us different? Doesn't that separate us from other species? You just said we have different ways of living--different things we want to accomplish. Learning and happiness, for instance, as opposed to survival. It does make us different. It doesn't mean we're not a part of the animal kingdom, because we are, but we ARE different. I find it strange people think otherwise... hmm smilie

Girls: you are jealous of the four girls in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. amirite?

Why? Because they get to share a pair of pants that they never wash?

"I can always lose weight but you'll always be ugly" is an absolutely terrible comeback to being called fat, you're basically saying "Yeah, I'm fat and too lazy to lose weight, whereas you are just genetically unfortunate, so that means I'm better than you." amirite?

I don't think you understand what people actually mean when they say this... ono smilie

You wish there were more drive-in movie theaters still around, amirite?

In my city they put a huge screen in a field and people lie down on the grass while they watch a movie. It's amazing. :D

One of the reasons that JK Rowling is a better author than Stephanie Meyer is because JK Rowling isn't afraid to kill her characters unlike Stephanie Meyer who makes sure that none of the "good" characters die, amirite?
@midnightcookies Honestly. The only similarity between Harry Potter and Twilight is that they're both young adult fantasy books...

Exactly. Each one is a good series in its own right. And if people don't agree, fine. But comparing different authors and their books is like comparing different music artists and their songs. It's just personal preference.