The famous Fender twang, before it was desired because people like Hendrix made it famous, actually existed because the guitars were poorly built. It sounds great for blues music, but in all honesty, PRS is the most versatile, amirite?

I'm sorry that I don't completely understand what you are talking about and I don't have to knowledge to have an opinion about it, so I don't know what to vote. However, I do like that this amirite is an original opinion on something and can call for an earnest discussion. ^ Cheers!

All eye colors are pretty in their own way, amirite?

A conversation of my friends and I on the topic of eye colours.
To friend A: "Your green with brown flecked eyes are so beautiful."
To friend B: "I like how your eyes change from blueish to greyish depending on your mood."
To friend C: "Your eyes remind me of the ocean!"
To me: "Nice weather, we're having, huh?"

I don't dislike my brown eyes, but... I would love to hear someone say to me, "Your eyes look like dark chocolate... I love to drown in 'em." Or something like that. Instead of:
"Oh, you have brown eyes."
"Uh, yeah. Thanks?"

It's not fair how people think celebrities shouldn't get jail time or the court sentence should be shortened. You have guns, smoked weed, etc. YOU did the crime, you don't get a freebie or shorter jail sentence. Don't call me a hater just because I don't think it's fair, amirite?

It should be the other way around.
"3 months of jail for you, lady!"
"You can't do that to me, I'm famous!"
"Oh, you famous, eh? So that means you're a role-model to others. You make people think committing crime is OK... 8 months of jail and a $ 10,000,- fine! And you have to spend 100 hours cleaning public toilets!"

I would love this kind of a judge.

You were upset to know that Will Turner and Elizabeth won't be in Pirates of the Caribbean 4, amirite?

I was at first, but I did not miss them while watching the movie - at all. The action scenes were riveting and the Syrena and Philip romance was just right.

Anyone who thinks today's mainstream music sucks should just listen to Flo Rida's "Club Can't Handle Me", amirite?
Girls: guys lose points every time they use the words "pussy" or "tits", amirite?

Agree, unless the following situation:
1) He imitates Tweety: 'I thought I saw a PUSSY cat... I did! I did see a pussy cat!' (please read in Tweety accent)
2) He is interested in birdwatching, especially small birds: coal tits, great tits, blue tits, bearded tits etc.
3) any situation similar to the above mentioned.

However, I am not sure if I would want to date a guy who spends his time imitating cartoons and watching birds.

You don't even know why the Kardashian's are famous, amirite?

Sorry, who?

An elementary school graduation party would be a crazy affair. You'd have the kids dancing to the Spongebob soundtrack on the dance floor, some just hanging around outside eating chocolate cigarettes, and little Jimmy sitting alone at the bar - "Give me a double strength apple juice... it's been a rough year." amirite?

Sounds like my kinda party!

Though it sounds really, really horrible, sterilizing the human race might solve a lot of our problems: overpopulation would soon become a non-issue, there would be far less unwanted pregnancies and abandoned children, and we could ensure that the overly irresponsible (and/or stupid)don't breed by only providing responsible adults with fertility medication. Interesting to think about, amirite?

Thank you for posting this amirite and all of your insights and opinions. This is a really interesting discussion and I enjoy mulling over it.

If a guy calls a girl "sexy", he is only interested in the first three letters of the word, amirite?
If you think about it, canibalizing fat people would solve world hunger, lower obesity rates, and help over-populating, amirite?

The best thing about the prey (fat people) is that they cannot run very fast!

If you think about it, canibalizing fat people would solve world hunger, lower obesity rates, and help over-populating, amirite?

Meh. Us humans, we've done so many crappy things to ourselves [and the Earth, but I'm no hippie :P], adding cannibalism to the bill won't bring much difference to the total of amount we are due.

If a guy calls a girl "sexy", he is only interested in the first three letters of the word, amirite?
@AtheisticMystic Asa is the name of a porn star, Asa Akira. Just thought I'd let you know

Thanks for letting me know, I would've never guessed.
It also means "morning" or "dynasty" in Japanese. Akira means "intelligence", "bright", "clear" or "ideal". There might even be more meanings to these names, I think. I'm guessing Asa Akira is also Japanese. (I don't want to Google them to confirm my guess!) I like the implication of this name, though. "Ideal Morning" or "Morning Ideal" Classy name for a porn star.
There is also a Japanese restaurant called Asa Sushi. Just thought I'd let you know. :D

In the wise, lyrical words of Jason Mraz:
"It takes no time to fall in love, but it takes years to know what love is."
Of course you can fall in love at young age. But it might take some time to mature [the love itself].

You're required to LOVE your mom but, you're not required to LIKE your mom, AmiRite?

I love my mum, but I only like her when she gives me cookies.