It's disguisting to picture your mom or sister giving birth, amirite?

I've seen my sister and my mom giving birth and it wasn't THAT bad.

choosing a present for someone you really love is hard, amirite?

If you love them then you should know them well so it would be easy to find a present for them.

It's annoying when girls touch your tra-la-la, amirite?
Why is 4th of July in America so important? Americans, plase explain to me. amirite?
Joss Whedon is the best movie/show writer ever, amirite?
@Artemis Weird, amirite?

That's the guy that made fireflies, right?

Farmville sucks, amirite?
Big dogs are probably worried that small dogs will bite their balls, amirite?

You deserved 40,000 imo.

When you're teacher leaves class to cry about a comment somebody made in class you kind of can't help but laugh, amirite?

That's really heartless.

Conan is better than Leno, amirite?

Joel McHale is better than both of them.

You'd be non-conformist too if you looked just like me... amirite?

I hate that song. it's so annoying.

My momy is stupid 4 givun me a spanky!!!!! Espeshully withh tha woodun paddel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amirite?
Men should be like Kleenex: soft, strong, and disposable. amirite?
Who is the hottest person on this website, i should rephrase this into an amirite question so it doesnt get deleted, amirite?
@Artemis Eh, Brock is ugly. I like that Ashley chick.

NW. Brock is super sexy. That ashely girl is a whore. :P

It's irritating when teachers call on the slowest readers to read in class, amirite?

They need to improve their reading skills somehow.

You wish amirite had a chat section where you can chat with your friends instead of just posting on there "walls" or commenting on posts, amirite?