It's disguisting to picture your mom or sister giving birth, amirite?

I've seen my sister and my mom giving birth and it wasn't THAT bad.

It sucks getting a completely different grade than you thought you were gunna get. amirite?

Not if it's a better grade than you expected.

Forget 2012. On 4/8/15 at 16:23:42, we are all SCREWED, amirite?
@WhatsHerFace What is that day?

It's from Lost. They're cursed numbers.

@paulvrox dude. you are an admin and you put your post on the POTD?

He made amirite. He knows which posts are good enough to go on the homepage and which ones aren't. Anthony knows what kind of posts he's looking for.

When I see mothers drinking or smoking, I smirk, because they'll have to pay for it when the baby comes.amirite?

No the baby will have to pay for it which isn't humorous or amusing at all.

"OMG my dad is such an asshole, he like, took away my phone cause I like, snuck out last night, can you believe him?!" Shut the FUCK up, at least your dad is alive and not abusing you, amirite?
When I see mothers drinking or smoking, I smirk, because they'll have to pay for it when the baby comes.amirite?
@Would you like raising a retarded baby? Anyways, the baby won't know that it has a deformed head or body because it...

It wouldn't bother me if I had to raise a mentally disabled child. I'd love the child either way, even though I wouldn't be stupid enough to drink or smoke while pregnant. Also, some disabled and "deformed" people can tell that they are different from other people.

If a girl has anal sex with a guy before having vaginal sex, she's still a virgin, amirite?
@avgisnotsmart Well she's a virgin in at least one of her holes...but she's not a full virgin.

So she's half a virgin? You're either a virgin or you aren't. It's not something that can be split up into parts.

gravity is stupid, we should all be able to fly, amirite?
You wish amirite had a chat section where you can chat with your friends instead of just posting on there "walls" or commenting on posts, amirite?
If your a guy, and a girl tells you that she was raped last weekend... You wouldn't know what to say to her, amirite?
What's way sexier than an athletic guy with his shirt off? An athletic guy with his shirt off holding a pie, amirite?

If he was covered in pie, I'd enjoy that too. ;D

i dont like Anthony; owner of this site. he seems like a jerk, amirite?
Ok, smoking is gross, but sometimesjust sometimesit looks cool. Like James Dean. amirite?
@Coday The sausage guy?

You're thinking of Jimmy Dean.