Guys: It's annoying when girls say they like guys who tell them that they're beautiful, but when you finally tell a girl she is beautiful, she gets creeped out, amirite?

Well if a guy looks normal and doesn't come up to you in a creepy way I wouldn't find it creepy :)

Why are people trying to force others to accept that "fat is beautiful", it's not! I'm being honest. It doesn't look pleasant. I also hate it how people say that beautiful people on tv are fake, there are people in the world who are born beautiful and you will just have to deal with your jealousy issues. It's sad that size ten is considered to be average, no wonder so many people suffer from diabetes and heart diseases.

People that have no appreciation for good, old-fashioned literature should be tied to railroad tracks, and run over by a twain... metaphorically speaking, of course, amirite?

hey!! you wrote "twain" ;)

You have moments when you're getting ready in the morning and you just stop for a minute or two and stare into space for no reason, amirite?

I do that often...6 am is just too early for anyone...

trick or treating when you are 15+ is childish, amirite?

I think it's childish, I get annoyed when I have teens knocking on the door and getting the candy. Most don't even have a costume. Some of them knock as late as 10pm crazy! I'm 20 myself and I hate it when they do that. I just think it's more for children up to the age of 13. I don't care if you don't agree, but most who said "No" are teens probably. Just to let you know, adults dislike you. Unless you are trick or treating with your youger sibling then it's okay.

Chemistry is your definition of hell on earth, amirite?

Not unless you are a nerd like me who majors in Biochemistry (even more fun) :P

Dont leave someone you love for someone you like, because someone you like will leave you for someone they love, amirite?

True, same goes for best friends.

After hanging out with a fat person for awhile, you stop thinking of them as fat, amirite?
Excuse me, to you freshman, sophomores, juniors, seniors and every one else living off of Mommy and Daddys paycheck: don't you tell me you know what real life is. You don't know SHIT about the struggles I go through every week. amirite?

Oh shut up Mr. Crybaby

It's stupid that in elementary school they had to cancel our Halloween parties and parades, because the new transfer kids "didn't believe in it" and thought it was "against their religion". If you come to American, you don't have to believe in our traditions, but you should at least respect them and not try to take them away from us. Amirite?
@spoo26 I'm Muslim, so I really don't celebrate a lot of those and my school is full of Muslims too but that has never...

Did you notice how it's them who are being racists...ignore useless people. They are the reason why this world is suffering.

You can't deny that you like lighting stuff on fire, amirite?

it's just so exciting..."it was here and look look!! it's not anymore!!!"..."OMG"

You took that one from Russel Peters...

There is not life on other planets, amirite?

Nice post :) I don't get why people start thinking about the sterotyped image aliens get. To them we are aliens as well. It's very much a possibility for such an existance. It doesn't mean they might be a very intelligent kind, it depends on what turn their evolution took. Maybe they are just simple animals grazing the fields :)

Why do some people wake up, brush their teeth, and then eat breakfast? amirite?

Because when you wake up you have a lot of germs that had formed during the night, that's why bad breath is the outcome. Also, I find it gross to eat like that. I brush my teeth after breakfast the second time, and if i don't have time just grab a gum. But always brush your teeth when you wake up to get rid of the acids.

People who say they don't like the Beatles just want attention, amirite?

Did you ever give a thought about different people having different preferences in music.