superb, excellent, neato, brilliant, rad, admirable!!

be hospitalised


ah yes... the miracle elixir~ :)

she was kidnapped and raped multiple times by a sociopathic criminal mastermind. i'd be an asshole while i was working through that trauma as well, probably. she may be a jerk to other characters, including the lesbian ladies, but she isnt mean to them BECAUSE theyre lesbians. jessica jones isnt homophobic imo.

if youve never heard this song, or dont like rap music, you should give this one a try. he's super talented and theres a bitchin interior segment (which is part of another RAD song) in the middle of this one and its so good. all of it.

we would probably just laugh together and be like "nah that doesnt work"

is there any other way????

Hedy Lamarr, the famous actor (whose work spanned decades, but her most famous films are from the late '30s and '40s), was also a talented inventor whose advances in communication tech are the basis for our current GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi technologies. She was sad that people often refused to see past her beauty and get to know her and how very clever she was.

hundred dollar billz
cha ching~

@Zolfie There are Pelicans in idaho?

Isn't it weird and unexpected!!!!!!