About me.

Previously StepUp_SquadUp

In love with cosmology, marine biology and pretty much every other science.

Very recently I've become extremely interested in Ancient Theology and other aspects of Ancient Culture.

I have a writing style of my own. Yes. I do know proper Grammar. No. I do not use it. I write the way I want my writing to be read. I also capitalise words that shouldn't actually be capitalise simply because they hold more power in the sentence that way. Though I'm American I use British style spelling.

I am a strong advocate of the legalisation of Marijuana.

Atheist (Though actually Agnostic. You can read about that here
Bleeding heart liberal
Dubstep is my favourite genre. (Please don't talk to me about Skrillex. I hate Skrillex)
While dubstep is my favourite genre only one artist crack the Top 5 and just barely.
Favourite artist are
1. Enter Shikari
2. The Beatles
3. Gorillaz
4. Modest Mouse
5. Cyberoptics

For those wondering, yes, I am bisexual.

Follow me on Twitter @Astronaut_Will or Tumblr at if you enjoy dubstep check out my work at

Chart of my political views.

If you would like to have a discussion about anything written above please don't hesitate to message me.. I love talking about all of that stuff.
Perhaps will add more at some other time.