If a single living cell was found on a distant planet, scientists would exclaim that we have found life elsewhere in the universe. So why is a single living cell found in the womb of a pregnant woman not considered life, amirite?

If a piece of broccoli was found on a distant planet, scientists would exclaim that we have found life elsewhere in the universe. So why is eating broccoli not murder?

In the Bible, it says that Jesus cursed a fig tree because he was hungry and it wasn't fig season. That seems very unreasonable, amirite?
Imagine if every time anyone made some kind of decision, like what route to take to school, the universe split into different dimensions. One with one route that s/he took, then a bunch of others based on other possible routes. There was a split for each and every little decision made by each person in the world, and there are infinite dimensions in existence now. There could be one where nazism rules, one where we are all just tribes of simple people, and many more, amirite?

This is already a theory. A very popular theory might I add.

If Atheism is a religion then Off is a TV channel, amirite?
@ScottyD I consider myself an Atheist and I don't see it as a religion.

And I don't consider off a TV channel. So we're kinda in the same boat here.

If your age is on the clock, you're too young for cock. amirite?

I have a sun dial.

When you were older, you used to love playing around with time machines. amirite?

I have a Time Machine that only goes forward. At normal speed.

The thing that made this TV show so successful was the fact that the characters were so relatable. They weren't super rich or anything and they reminded the viewers of their own lives. Such a good show :') amirite?

Crack is my friend.

It's ridiculous that a kidnapped person who develops feelings for their kidnapper is said to have "Stockholm Syndrome." It's not some unnatural disease, it's learning that everyone is human, even the so-called monsters, and that they too deserve pity, amirite?

Beauty and the beast is one of my favourite Disney Films.

Its funny how some people think there are only 8 planets in the universe. amirite?

100,000,000,000 Galaxies. 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Stars. 8 Planets. Seems Legit.

Did Rowling think it was really necessary to make Dumbledore gay? Unless it was a part of the plot, it wasn't really all that important to know. "Yeah, the new book in the series is going to really exciting. Oh and by the way, Dumbledore likes penis.", amirite?
@Coday Why him though? Why mention it at all? If it adds nothing to the story, if its not mentioned in the story, then the...

I actually think it was just to screw with all the hardcore Christians that say Harry Potter is the work of the devil. Just one more way Rowling can piss them off.

@BurnyBurn Shut up.

I see you are using facts in your debate.

My girlfriend is pregnant and we never had sex. It's not outrageous for me to accuse her of cheating. amirite?
@eldorito Did you do anal? Because it's possible for the santorum to leak into the vagina after anal sex, causing a baby.

No. Lol. But like I said to some one else we haven't done Anything fr 2 months and she's 5 weeks pregnant. And I'm no Asian but that doesn't add up.

This is for a stats project, please help. You exercise at least 3-5 days per week, amirite?

Does masturbation count?

My best friend was given 2 tickets to a special Hunger Games premiere screening, but took her boyfriend instead of me. We're both mega-huge fans of the books, and he hadn't even heard of them. It's okay that I'm irritated, amirite?

I can see why you're irritated but I can also see where they are coming from.

Allowing gay marriage will lead to legalized pedophilia, incest, and bestiality in the same way that allowing black people to vote eventually lead to people being forced to give their pet fish a voting ballot, amirite?

Honestly though America might be better off if we let the fish vote.