It's annoying when the charger to your (insert electronic device here) isn't quite pushed in all the way, so about the time you are expecting a full battery you realize that it died, amirite?

It's how I miss morning classes when the alarm on my phone doesn't go off.

Admit it: without Google, most of us would be totally screwed and probably doing badly in a lot of classes, amirite?

Google can't help me solve problems in statics, calculus, thermodynamics, ect.

It's annoying when people make one aspect about themselves their entire identity. Like some church goers, gays, blacks, emos...they focus almost to much on what makes them different, amirite?
@VicZinc It is only annoying if I am forced to be with them against my will. If I can leave anytime it doesn't bother so much.

I know you're one of the older members, but I think this post applies well to people my age who are in school. I go to a science and technology university and a vast majority of people here are socially inept and extremely nerdy. Not that being "nerdy" is necessarily bad, but it's when you have a lack of variety of personailities that it gets sufficating.

When a women earns quite a lot of money you wonder who employed her and paid her that much for their sandwich-making skills, amirite?
@StickCaveman The whole 'get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich' jokes were funny but now they're a little old. The sad...

Although I'm female, I find women jokes to be hilarious...usually. I don't take them personally or seriously. However, the old 'belongs in the kitchen' saying gets really old. It is rarely funny anymore.

I admit to being sensitive about sexist jokes that revolve around careers. Unlike my mom, I want to have a full-time job that I can be proud of. My biggest fear about going into the engineering work force as a female is that I won't be taken seriously; that my co-workers will be wondering who I slept with, or how good my sandwich making skills must be to get the job.

Do you think tight and revealing clothings worn by girls is too distracting? Many school enforce dress codes for girls more strictly than similar codes for boys especially for proms and dances time.

If you're going to dress in revealing clothing, don't get all out of shape when people look. If you want to be promiscuous, then go for it... when you're not in school. You're their to learn. In high school, I couldn't believe some of the things other girls would wear; I'd never be comfortable in them.

P.S. Boobs are meant to be stared at :)

You don't know what day of the week you were born on. amirite?

Me, my older sister, and our younger half sister were all born on a Monday.

What's the worst birthday month?

I don't like my mid-January birthday. It's winter and not a lot to do. I'm still on break so my college friends aren't around, however it's towards the end of my break and my friends from home have already left.

"YOLO isn't an excuse to be a slut." Yes, it is. Amirite?

It all depends on one's interpretation of the word 'slut'. I don't understand why people choose to sleep around, but that's their choice and who am I to judge? However, some people feel the need to broadcast their sex life to anyone with ears. News flash, no one (should) care what you do in the bedroom. If you keep it to yourself, then it never becomes my business.


We already pay tax money "to clean up the messes of those who do wrong": people living on welfare and foodstamps, greedy politicans, health treatment for druggies, living expenses for prisoners, ect. I don't get why we should single out drinking.

Again, I believe government should stay out of business affairs, which includes making minimum prices for goods and services. I'd rather see laws that tax businesses for finding cheap labor over seas but reaping the benefis of being in the United States.

However, I don't know the situation in Ireland so maybe you have a point.


That's their problem, not society's. They know the affects of alcohol and shouldn't drink it if they aren't responsible enough to handle it. We shouldn't handicap or punish those who do right because of those who do wrong.

I don't think making a minimum price on alcohol will decrease binge or underage drinking. People will just buy the cheapest beer whether they like it or not. It's the buzz and good time they are after, not quality taste.

I don't drink, but I don't think it's fair to make a minimum price. The alcohol industry is a business, and should be able to determine their own price.

Society needs to change its values, not create new laws to parent the irresponsible.

A basketball player is suing his mother. Would you sue your moms?

My mom has nothing for me to receive from a law suit, so no. We don't get a long, but I'd never take from her.

Why are people so ignorant? I am pro-life but that doesn't mean I look down on others that are pro-choice. I think abortion is wrong, but that doesn't mean my opinion is right.

The United States Should NOT Mandate Health Insurance among all citizens
@VicZinc Agreed. It should socialize medicine similar to the way it does education. Free medicine to age 18, and state run...

I don't know why, but I've never thought about it that way. I completely agree. Adults can work for themselves and make money, therefore they should pay for their education and health. Children on the other hand, cannot and should be provided for. I would rather my tax dollars go towards a child in need than adults who refuse to help themselves.

Would you tattoo your body with an advertisement for pay?

I believe in the fundamentals of having a job where you actually have to work.