You don't understand why teachers write questions on assignments they give back to you. Do they expect you to answer back? amirite?

It's so you learn from your mistakes.

Even if you can't see them, you can usually tell if a guy is black or white just from their voice, amirite?
@Even if you can't see them, you can usually tell if a GUY is black or white just from their voice, amirite?

I didn't know we were prohibited from using a different reference which clearly still relates to the topic.

The fact that ants yawn and stretch when they wake up makes them just a tad bit cuter. amirite?

Ants don't sleep.

They should make something that allows you to blow bubbles in different shapes,besides circles, amirite?

Sorry to burst your bubble bro but bubbles can only exist in a spherical manner since they have to occupy minimal surface area and volume.

No matter how sexy it looks in a music video, a guy singing loudly two inches from your face would be awkward, amirite?

Especially while he was looking into a camera at the same time.

You wonder how bread was invented. "Damn, I accidentally got this flour wet with some egg and salty water. I better put it in the oven to hide the evidence," amirite?

Since when is there egg in bread...?

"The One That Got Away" by Katy Perry sounds like the title to a Friends episode, amirite?

It's also apt since Russell Brand recently filed for divorce.

The best way to get a party back hopping is to play some blink-182, amirite?

Normally if 'teach me how to dougie' comes on, everybody is back on the dance floor

You have never seen a female taxi driver, amirite?

(TheObliviousPanda):True. I live in Dubai and there are ladies who drive 'pink taxis' specially reserved for woman and kids. It's really convenient for us ladies if we want to catch a cab late night or something.

You don't know what to do with that extra bit of lip gloss on your finger, amirite?

yess and especially if they're body shop ones

You know, the term "Asian"' includes Indians. Indians are Asians too, not some scary sub-species of brown. Amirite?

Indians unite!

Slapping someone straight after kissing them is not as romantic as it is in movies, amirite?

How is slapping someone right after kissing them remotely romantic?

Facebook pages are lame. People post pointless neurosi, in the hope that they will get MOAR FANNZ. What does having more fans achieve? A sense of achievement? No. They should stop making these terrible pages and leave the pages for true heroes like Churchill and Woodrow. amirite?

Someone was never loved...

Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

It is estimated that 25% of drivers who die in auto accidents cause them subconsciously as "autocide," a form of suicide. People are so depressed now that they are SUBCONSCIOSLY killing themselves? That's terrible, amirite?

I feel its totally made up because it's 25% and that just seems too rounded up and nice. If it were 23% or 27% maybe...