Girls: It sucks when you go to sleep on white sheets and wake up on a Japanese flag, amirite?
You're not a true boyfriend until you have named your girlfriend's breasts, amirite?

My ex named mine boo and oob. How innovative.

On bridalplasty, women who are getting married compete to win plastic surgery before their wedding... Why not have a competition for girls who aren't as lucky with men, instead of girls who are obviously already taken and accepted by their fiance, amirite?

That show is all sorts of wrong.

A guy's peripheral vision only goes the distance from a girl's body to her eyes, because everytime a guy stares at a girl, the girl is staring back, amirite?

I read it thrice and I still didn't get it...

Harry Potter is going to be considered one of the era defining novels, like Uncle Toms Cabin or The Great Gatsby, amirite?

Imagine if those future lucky bitches get pop quizzes on Harry Potter.

If you caught your bf/gf cheating on you, it would be okay to break up with them on the spot without hearing "their side of the story", amirite?
@x22 i think they meant caught them in bed....hugging isnt cheating.

no hugging is definately NOT cheating, like nowayitsjessi said, I meant the sexual stuff

You could think of the best crossovers between television series, amirite?

Slightly irrelevant: Suzanne Collins came up with the idea of Hunger Games when she switched channels between a reality show and a documentary on war and they morbidly blurred together.

Girls: you shave your arms, amirite?

Sucks to have dark arm hair -_-

It kind of sucks that we have hundreds of olympic-sized pools and yet there are people dying all over the world from lack of clean water and dehydration, amirite?

That's like saying there are millions of supermarket around the world and there are still millions of people dying of hunger.

When Harry left to go out and destroy the most evil powerful wizard in the world, Ginny stayed strong and tried to stop Snape's cruel rule over the school. When Ron left the search for Horcruxes, Hermione put on a brave face, and stuck with Harry no matter how much it hurt. I don't know about you, but Ginny and Hermione were one of the bravest charcters in Harry Potter, amirite?

And when Edward left Bella she curled up in a fetal position in the forest and later jumped off a cliff.

Why do people concentrate only on breast cancer walkathons/ fund raisers/ charities? The other cancers are just as important, amirite?

There's a huuuuge walkathon in my city for breast cancer awareness day and everyones going around painting the city pink while barely anything noticable is done for lung/skin/brain/heart cancer or even HIV AIDS
this proves it's all done for publicity and not for a meaningful cause :(

Fanfiction: because it would have been better if everyone had had sex, amirite?
@Ebony_Way like My Immortal?

I just read the entire fanfic wut

Why has Kony 2012 gone viral? There have been many other noble community service projects, all over the world and in Africa, that never got this kind of publicity. Kony has been abusing children for 26 years, and it has never gained this much attention. Everyone knew about the "starving kids in Africa," but apparently that pales in comparison to them being abducted. This doesn't make any sense, amirite?

Its all because of his son. His son is so... damn... precious.

You've fallen for a character in your favorite show or book series before, amirite?

Jace Wayland

Oh and don't forget awkward dancing friends