When you eat a lot of junk food in a day, you just keep eating more because there's no point in trying to eat healthy again that day. amirite?

I used to do that, but then I came across this really good quote. "If you dropped your phone on the ground, you wouldn't say 'ah fuck it' and then step on it repeatedly"

Girls: It sucks when you go to sleep on white sheets and wake up on a Japanese flag, amirite?
You've fallen for a character in your favorite show or book series before, amirite?

Jace Wayland

Oh and don't forget awkward dancing friends

Why has Kony 2012 gone viral? There have been many other noble community service projects, all over the world and in Africa, that never got this kind of publicity. Kony has been abusing children for 26 years, and it has never gained this much attention. Everyone knew about the "starving kids in Africa," but apparently that pales in comparison to them being abducted. This doesn't make any sense, amirite?

Its all because of his son. His son is so... damn... precious.

You dont smoke, and thats great. But, you don't have to preach about it because that's just annoying, amirite?

Slow death and affecting those around you too...yeah that's not annoying at all..

You're not a true boyfriend until you have named your girlfriend's breasts, amirite?

My ex named mine boo and oob. How innovative.

You could think of the best crossovers between television series, amirite?

Slightly irrelevant: Suzanne Collins came up with the idea of Hunger Games when she switched channels between a reality show and a documentary on war and they morbidly blurred together.

Boobs tend to look smaller without a bra on, amirite?

No way my boobs are like mountains without a bra. I prefer wearing a bra, atleast it presses my boobs in a bit and makes them slightly smaller.

Guys: You want to be the world's best dad one day, and protect that little creature you'll call daughter, amirite?

Ahh I'm feel all warm and fuzzy now

It would suck if your name was John Smith, amirite?
Kristen Stewart always plays the most depressing roles as a teenage girl. She's not really a good actress, either, amirite?

And his sister(Nina Dobrev) is a doppleganger of an evil vampire.

Kristen Stewart always plays the most depressing roles as a teenage girl. She's not really a good actress, either, amirite?
@ManiacsRunThis She was okay in Speak. Maybe that's because she barely talked though...

Speak was an amazing movie she acted really well. After that it was all downhill

There barely seem to be any posts about the latest Harry Potter movie, amrite? amirite?

That explains it. When is it out in America? I live in Dubai and it just released today.