About me.

I'm Avery. I'm a senior in high school.
I live in a beach town on the east coast of the US. I love it here, but I'm going far far away for college.

I love dresses and pearls and books and lame puns and the color yellow and Gator football and the sound of streams and macro-photography and the Weasley twins and polysyndeton.

I tend to laugh out loud when I'm on the computer, to the annoyance of whomever is in the room with me. But if I've favorited/loved your post/comment, know that it most likely actually made me laugh out loud y smilie

I am a Christian Libertarian, mostly conservative. I basically love the Bible and the Constitution. I believe in Creationism (though maybe not as literally as some other Christians) and very little government interfering in my life. Sometimes I'm in the mood to defend and debate these beliefs but other times I just get frustrated too easily.

Send me a message, yo!