It's annoying that you have to figure out the real download button. amirite?
It's possible to hate your favorite food. amirite?

OK. Like I stopped eating giant squid after the incident. I can't say I still "love" it. I can't bring myself to try it anymore. But I get the idea now.

Sort of like when I eat raw rat brains and get the screaming diarrhea farts for two days but I still crave it?

BTW diarrhea is a beautiful sounding word.

Always be yourself, unless you're that guy. Don't be that guy.
@avonkien and you're that guy?? :D

well I mean, according to my username, YOU would be "that guy"... as my username is, in fact, YouWouldBeThatGuy

There's always a room for your favorite dessert in your full stomach.

baaw well I do like cheesecake eyes smilie

but food just tastes better when it's necessary

I feel like puke smilie
when I overload hehe smilie

It's not about what you know, It's about what you can prove.

It's about what you can convince others of. If that requires proof, then yes. But often, throughout history and Dailey life, people are able to sway others using not only logos, but also ethos and pathos.

Love is like a fart. If you have to force it, it's probably sh*t, amirite?

well ...every fart means that the shit is coming xD hahahahhaah