About me.

Hey guys. Let's see. About me. Well... I love:
Ski Team. (Best decision I made Freshman year)
Grey's Anatomy. (Thanks to Netflix, I am actually kind of unhealthily obsessed with it, not good. I'm working on this.)
A Very Potter Musical. Hence the username. Actually, all things Team StarKid. Especially Darren Criss.
HARRY POTTER. I want to say my favorite book is the 3rd, but it might be the 7th, but really I just like all of them!
The Lion King
and all classic Disney movies and Disney/Pixar
Modern Family
Phineas and Ferb
The Ellen Degeneres Show
The Office
And Friends (The show. Well, I like my friends too).
And I'm really not that obsessed with tv, those are just things I thought people might have in common.
I love to read. So other than HP some of my favorite books are:
Thirteen Reasons Why
The Mysterious Benedict Society
Hunger Games
The Truth About Forever and other Sarah Dessen books.
The Gallagher Girl books that all have freakishly long titles.
And many, many, more but I am drawing a blank.
I HATE artificial grape flavor but could eat a bucketload of grapes.
My favorite fruit is watermelon. But only if it's fresh and crisp. Isn't this interesting? Haha.
I congratulate you if you have actually gotten this far. Here's a pretend cookie.
I LOVE getting notifications, so message me, add me as a friend, comment, or do whatever else you can do to get my attention.
Born and raised in the 541. Oregon, since I'm guessing you do not have all the area codes memorized.
But you never know.