Every plan is a tiny prayer to father time, amirite?

What Sarah Said <3

Parents and school are supposed to prepare us for 'the real world'. Unloading the dish washer and running laps will never help me get a job. amirite?

There's more to the real world than just a career :p

Coincidence? My mother AND my father got married on the SAME DAY AT THE SAME TIME!! Now that's a coincidence, amirite?

Coincidence? I think not. MLInotA

All the good looking guys are either gay or taken amirite?

Everyone would flip shit if this said "All good-looking girls are either lesbian or taken"... or disabled.

Girls: Your bf should be the most important thing ever, amirite?

I see what you did there ;)

(says a non-hypocritical girl)

when your on the bus you seem to hear all of the bus drivers talking over the walkie talkies except for yours..amirite?

He watches Oprah?

Women are like parking spots, The good ones are taken, and the rest are disabled. amirite?


I smell a double-standard. Put on your big girl pants, fellow females.

It sucks to become an immigrant at a young age/childhood, because you will grow up probably hating the country for the sole purpose of having had your childhood ruined by moving away from everything you grew to love. And when you mention that to someone they just say "Well, why'd you move here then!? No one's making you live here." while you kind of ARE forced, with the language and home and al... amirite?

Wow this is specific.

Either you love panda cows, or you didn't even know they existed, amirite?

Philip!<3 Haha they're the most adorable abominations everr.

Deep down in your inner child, you want a pillow pet, amirite?

I have a ladybug<3 :D It's soooo soft!

No matter how hard you try, it's practically IMPOSSIBLE to pay attention in history class, amirite?

History's like story-time for out class lol. Trigonometry and AP Bio KILLS me .__.

The way Lady Gaga dresses isn't actually as weird as most people think. She's just one of the only artists like that who made it into the main stream, amirite?

...The meat dress wasn't weird...?

How come Brock liked everyone but Misty, amirite?

Because it would break the Bro-Code :/

Nerdfighters: DFTBA, amirite?

I found Alaska(: