Drive-by's in the uk would probably be more effective than in most other countries. amirite?

Don't let m know!

No one wants to be smothered like a porkchop. amirite?
@dankXD What are you smothering pork chops in? Asking for my stomach.

I'm not smothering anything but feel like I'm being smothered by some congealed mushroom soup.

No one wants to be smothered like a porkchop. amirite?
@Kionix Why?!!

why do you care your asking for your stomach?

When life gets chaotic, the mountains offer refuge: crisp air, silky streams, and the stoic stillness of the evergreens. amirite?

Until a puma comes and eats your face

Technically humans are immortal, amirite?

"Humans are immortal as long as they possess the properties of an immortal creature, which they do not"

One day your contact list will have more numbers of dead friends than living. amirite?

Not if u die first

Testing if you're immortal only works once, amirite?

Unless you are immortal then it works as often as you try

Swimming directly at a great white shark and biting them first. amirite?

At least you don't die defenseless

Every Number Base is base 10, amirite?

Time is base 12.

It's pretty awesome that we can get a car moving hundreds of miles on just some liquid juice. amirite?
@Mcgee0 We can also get it moving with electrons.

Yes, and water, which is even more awesome.

But was just thinking about gasing as I'm sitting in a bus right now

Characters in video games never get cramps. amirite?

In Metal Gear Solid 4 it's a gameplay feature.

The easier it is for you to laugh on the lamest of jokes is how full of life you are, amirite?

Ehhh, overly simplistic take. I think intelligence has something to do with it too.

There's no genetic problem with same-sex relatives marrying. amirite?
People who live in hope are often times living in hell. amirite?

Yes, I keep hoping for an end to the pandemic and for life to return to normal.

In November the porn will be better quality since people will try to make others fail NNN, amirite?

How would you define quality in porn anyway