Barack obama's birthday is 8/4...[8+(4/4)]/[4+[(4x2)-(4/4)]] is 9/11...HOLY SHIT OBAMAS A TERRORIST, amirite?
@FlyingMintBunny How do you make all of those emoticons? (I'm on mobile so it's not like I can just scroll over it)

( hello ) = hello smilie
( un ) = un smilie
( angry ) = angry smilie
( lolwut) = lolwut smilie
( ono ) = ono smilie
( goo ) = goo smilie
( yum ) = yum smilie
( frown ) = frown smilie
( d ) = d smilie
( smirk ) = smirk smilie
( wary ) = wary smilie
( no ) = no smilie
( hmm ) = hmm smilie
( hehe ) = hehe smilie
( cool ) = cool smilie
( l ) = l smilie
( Y ) = y smilie
( n ) = n smilie
( love ) = love smilie
( cry2 ) = (cry2)

What if people really do see the things that they claim are ghosts, except they aren't really spirits or poltergeists? What if what they're really seeing is a chunk of time that got temporarily lost? So a girl could've been brushing her teeth in your bathroom 50 years ago but that time got mixed up and you're seeing it happen right now. It's not really happening, but you see it. That would be pretty creepy but insanely awesome, amirite?
You appreciate that <script>if ( currentUserUsername ) { document.write(currentUserUsername+" is an active user");}
else { document.write("there are many active users"); }</script> on this site, amirite?
You're happy with your life, amirite?

If you get stabbed and someone else gets stabbed twice, would you be happy?

Wet dreams should be called snoregasms, amirite?

Having sex with your headmaster is a dumbledoregasm.

You aren't the way your 2nd grade self imagined and hoped you would be at your current age, amirite?

I'm not a Pokemon trainer... yet.

Barack obama's birthday is 8/4...[8+(4/4)]/[4+[(4x2)-(4/4)]] is 9/11...HOLY SHIT OBAMAS A TERRORIST, amirite?
This is for a stats project, please help. You exercise at least 3-5 days per week, amirite?

What if your teacher asks you who participated in the survey?

"Well, let's see... there was DandyLion, and Nacklefoodle, and favvkes..."

Obama may be a very lovely family man, but when it comes down to it, there’s a father in Pakistan who loves his kids just as much as Obama loves his girls, and Obama killed that man’s children.

Yeah, I saw on the news some footage of Obama busting into Lahore with an AK-47 and mowing down some fathers.

Sea levels aren't rising because of global warming. Due to the increase in obesity, the continents are in fact, sinking. amirite?

Taking the exponential population growth into account, I estimate that we will all be underwater by December 21st, 2012. Wait...

This is probably going to be very controversial, but if sexualities such as gay and bi are supported, then sexualities such as pedophilia and necrophilia should be supported too, right? I'm not saying I WANT or SUPPORT pedophilia or necrophilia, and I have absolutely nothing against homosexuals, but following our own rules, all sexualities should be allowed, amirite?
@midnightcookies Sorry, what was that?


a senior girl dating a junior guy is perfectly acceptable, amirite?
@TalkingRice 19 and 12 year old? or...(to be even more extreme) 16 and 40?

Standard creepiness equation:

Let y = the youngest aged person one can date without it being creepy
Let x = age of person

y = x / 2 + 7

When x ≥ 14

Fanfiction: because it would have been better if everyone had had sex, amirite? is cool but they should make a site like that for other ethnicities. Like and they could post stuff like "I don't know who my baby's daddy is"; or "I lost a penny"; and "I got an A-", amirite?